“Living Your Soul Purpose Is The Very Purpose Of Your Soul”

A lot of us may ask ourselves why we are born and what is it the purpose of our life. We can observe that some are always happy despite their circumstances while some of us always struggle. We may be doing what we consider as right in terms of societal expectations and norms but remain unfulfilled internally. We have talents which may be weaknesses to others and others may have talents which we have a weakness in. We refer to some as having born talent which was not trained but in their very being. Have you ever felt unfulfilled within yourself though you may have a successful career, a good home, happy family and are financially stable? These are no coincidences and there is a fundamental reason. We have been made to live our purpose and mission in life.

Many a times, it is because of our disconnect from life that we live a life unfulfilled, less purposeful and become sad and resentful. However these are not to bring us down but to indicate or give feedback that we are not living our true purpose.

Living one’s true purpose is the higher yearning or urges that come from the depths of our hearts. It may mean a certain career, certain duties to family, learning of certain knowledge in life or even to play a role of helping or serving others. It does not necessarily mean a career. One can have one’s true purpose different from his/her career and yet play the role destined. Living one’s true purpose will not only give a life of fulfillment but through that fulfillment neutralize the negativities. We will then be happy and feel part of the grander scheme of the Universe which is full of abundance and love.

With Much Love and Light,


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