Many have asked me why I have a passion in astrology or even believe in it. Their perception is that astrology is false, fatalistic in some ways as well as controversial for some. I admit that in my younger days, even I had similar skepticism. However, circumstances in my life took place that made realize otherwise.

Before getting into how I got into astrology, it is interesting to note the different uses and perception of astrology these days. Very commonly to some, they belief that this is fortune telling. Ironically, not all those who believe in astrology and consult astrologers have gotten huge amounts of fortune. Again, there may be a small number that do. Fortune itself has a subjective meaning. Fortune can have many meanings but that can detailed out in another article. Interestingly, astrology is used for fortune, to determine when to get married, for career directions or even in some cases to help solve major problems that have cropped up. I can say that my believe in astrology started because of a series of problems or some would call bad time in my life.

It was in my late teens that a period of bad time started which is commonly referred to as the 7 ½ yrs of bad luck in a person’s life. Of course then, I was not so well versed and not knew what exactly this was. I only know that every day was trouble and was like I wore a sign at my back that says “Kick Me”.  I was then told by a friend then of astrology. So to me was why not. What more bad could happen to me more than what I was already going through. So I went to a Hindu priest who was reputed to be precise in his Vedic astrological readings.

Interestingly, he could immediately tell me the cause of my problems and what had probably taken place years before. I was astonished as no one told him anything of me. Amazingly, I came out of the session with more clarity on my situation. I told myself that that was very interesting to me and wanted to explore the meaning of astrology including the science behind it. My journey thus started out then.

I started to check out both Western and Vedic Astrological systems which I came to respect and appreciate. My learning process came through books and internet which has vast resources in likes of articles a well as you tube videos. Then I started looking at my own chart as well as on some of my family members and close friends. Through studying charts, I realized the way the future worked out for someone is through a set of programmes in terms of their thinking, behavior and mentality. This could be seen from the birth chart.

The Birth Chart is map of the person’s life based on what they have inherited from previous lives. It usually has a mixture of both good and bad. I started to realise that I was learning the very nature of MAN in terms of his nature and behavior.

We usually see an astrologer for an issue or problem and once resolved, we will not see the astrologer again until another issue arises. In life, there will always be happy moments and issues arising every now and then. Everytime we keep running to an astrologer to resolve some issues, it is like fighting fire. Why do we do that? Prevention is always better than cure.

Through my learning, I learnt that the chart reflects our lessons in life overall. Good comes to endorse whatever wisdom we have acquired and bad comes to feedback us our ignorance. And yet, at the whole level, there is no good or bad, just the lessons that get the soul to where it needs to be. So every single life we are born has a major theme of lesson or purpose for us to fulfill and learn. Whole life regardless of what we do, will revolve around that soul purpose.

An example, if our life purpose is to learn to reduce our ego through areas of our relationships, no matter which stage of life we are at, the same theme of issues of relationships shall arise. However, if we are aware that that is our soul purpose in this life and work with that energy, whatever stage we are at life, we will have a sense of fulfillment, confidence, optimism and courage. Then any other difficulties that arise shall be one that can be easily be understood and dealt with.

In my understanding, based on the birth chart, all problems arise based on the lack of awareness of what our soul purpose is. Are we living that purpose? Are we learning the lessons? Do we realise our purpose? Once we realise our soul purpose, we will understand everything that happens in our lives and will be able to live with clarity and with a sense of purpose.

Astrology regardless of any system, whether Vedic, Western, Chinese etc have the same purpose. That is why I use Vedic astrology as a way to derive soul purpose. Knowing our soul purpose through astrology can bring clarity and knowing of all the issues and good things we face. It may not even require predictions of the future.

In this I realize and feel strongly that Vedic astrology can help all of us derive our soul purpose for this life and understand all the reasons that so called issues we face are actually beautiful blessings from the Universe wanting us to evolve as souls of purpose.

With much love and light.


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