Do The Planets Control Us?

Do the planets control us? A question I ask whenever I encounter anyone who requests an astrological reading. More than often, when we request a reading, it usually is one of predictive in nature to give us resolute answers to our questions where we cannot answer them ourselves. In getting the answers, most times I realise that we take that as written in stone with no ability to change except following some remedies and hope for the best.

Thousands of years ago, when Vedic Astrologers did readings, it was for the masses to help in the direction of life including answers to issues which the people were facing. These days, when we seek an astrologer and get readings we submit ourselves to fate and hands of the planets. We allow the planets to control us. However, do the planets really wish to control us?

In my experience, whatever we focus and believe manifests. The planets are energy deities like any deities that have been assigned to carry out their duties in delivering results of our actions in order for our souls to learn and evolve. Though some planets have been assigned some dreadful labels such as maleficent but the very nature and end result is always positive.

Negative situations arise from the results we deemed to have come from a certain planet is not so much to bring us down but to also purify us of actions that were made due to ignorance. The end result is wisdom.

The planets do not wish to control us but work with us. They wish to make us realise our higher purpose, soul purpose and lessons to be learned to better our soul evolution. They will change when we change our perception to situations and shift energies. Working together with the planets is not being the boss of them nor they be the boss of us but be working partners. They have given us enough in this life for us to learn and evolve. Fear is irrelevant here.

I can give an example where it was predicted for me to get married at the age of 25 years but that being a bad marriage would only result in separation. This was told to me by 6 different astrologers. They even went to say that they were 90% confident it would happen but I made a conscious resolve to at least try and avoid it. Truly, it did not happen. I got married at 41 years of age. None the less, the point here is that with such predictions, if we can make conscious efforts to try and resolve thinking patterns and actions, then situations that we desire can come to fruit avoiding the pitfalls as best as possible.

If we study our charts and realise the blessings we come with and also the soul purpose, adjust ourselves to it, success is ours. Each planet has a wisdom that it would want us to acquire.

Though the planets may indicate certain situations evolving but with our effort to change our thinking, habits and with faith in the Universe, the planets may be happy enough to grace us with results we desire.

At the end of the day, we work with the planets and not are controlled by the planets. Work with planets to discover our soul purpose and reach the success we deserve.

With Much Love and Light

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