Freedom: Do We Really Have It?

Many of us talk about freedom. Freedom to do one thing or another. This freedom is what I view as conscious freedom. We like to have freedom of choice or control of life. We desire such freedom but the fact that we desire such freedom means we do not truly have freedom.

We never realise that we cannot consciously decide which parents to be born into, the siblings we have and the people that enter our life without us consciously knowing. This itself shows we do not truly have freedom. We never realise that when we are born the next sure thing is death but everything in between is unsure. Can we choose when to be born or when we have to leave the world? No, consciously we cannot. However, we do have the freedom to act, behave, speak as well as make our life choices. It seems we live within a frame of life.

Mentioning all these, does that mean, we just submit ourselves to life and let things happen to us thinking that we do not have freedom at all? No, we have the freedom to react in our situations.

To react constructively, is to be aware of our innate tendencies of how we react to situations that can make things worse or give us success. Our birth chart can show everything. It allows us to see our soul purpose, our lessons in life to learn and the reasons why we are born the way we are, why the people we are with in life and the path to lasting fulfillment.

Real freedom comes when we are free of anger, hatred, resentment, greed, jealousy, worries and emotions of attachment but be aligned spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. This is when we are living with alignment to our soul and have realized ourselves.

Being aware of our purpose from the birth chart and with conscious effort and reacting constructively, we can accelerate our soul evolution reaching the goal of freedom easier. We can understand at soul level why the soul through actions of previous lives chose to be born in a certain family, time and have to undergo a certain path. It is not for nothing. It is for our soul growth.

The secret of your soul purpose lies in your birth chart. If you wish to go in depth to find your soul purpose, I would be happy to explore that with you through a chart reading or an astro coaching session.

With Much Love and Light

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