The Sun as we all know is the life giver to our planet. Without it, the possibility of life on Earth is nil. Yet, we do take it for granted in our day to day lives as we complain about the heat. However, the Sun is more than just light, life and heat giver.

If we observe well, the Sun rises and sets at particular times of the day without fail.  It is punctual, prompt and has no complains. It is equal to all as it shines its light equally without any prejudice. Is the witness to peace as well as wars but does not stop shining. It has characteristics of equanimity. In many of human perspective, it is seen as a warm and joyful disposition which is where the word ‘sunny’ came from. Regardless of situations, it is Equanimeous, warm and joyful. It stands in its own Truth.

The Sun is obviously aware of what goes on but makes no judgement of situations and remains in bliss. Therefore the Sun, can be seen as one who lives in Truth, Awareness and Bliss. This is truly the nature of our soul. This is why in ancient cultures around the world, the Sun is worshipped.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is known as the King of the planets. He represents father, one’s ego and is considered a mild malefic. Knowing the nature of the Sun, I always wondered how it can be known as a mild malefic as it gives life. In addition, it is known as the main Soul significator. So the contradiction arises. However, the maleficent is a perception as the Sun burns and due to its heat and burning nature, it can burn the qualities of the house it is situated in. What is not said and mention is that being the Soul significator, it shines the light on Truth which burns away transient elements which material life is and our ego issues related to that house. It purifies in order for our soul to see the Truth in all its glory. It burns the darkness away. With that our intellect is brightened. Try asking the Sun if it can see darkness and most probably it will tell you that it does not as it never experienced darkness. Think about it.

The perception of mild maleficent is only a perception if we consider the material plane the most important. However, for the soul, it is a benefic. Therefore, in whatever house or placement the Sun is in our birth chart, we can be sure that it will shine its light of Truth on it and purify it from any negative issues, ego issues and help the evolvement of our soul. Then we not only shine like the Sun, we will embody the Sun’s qualities and not feel any heat at all.

I believe not only it is the King of the planets or soul significator; it is one of the best benefics that actually help our soul evolve to its maximum potential. If you wish to go in depth into the nature of the Sun in your life and Soul purpose, I would be happy to explore that with you through a chart reading or an astro coaching session.

With Much Love and Light

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