Do we ever realise that we are always in survival mode in terms of mental, emotional and physical aspects? Why? It is something we can take a step back and look at ourselves.

If we observe, since the day we were born, we have been made to go into survival mode. We attend school to learn eventually get skills to earn for a living, we engage in activities that strengthen our skills, we then get a job, start a family and plan for retirement. We retire and then we really retire from the world.  All the activities in between is to keep to our survival but what is the reason considering the fact that we will all have to leave the body one day.

Being in that survival mode, we tend to follow what is considered the norms to be in life, to be secure and successful. That covers our material needs but more so than often having all the luxury in the world does not guarantee us good health, emotional and mental peace and circumstances that occur out of our control. So you may ask if I get a soul purpose reading, would it really be a short cut to my happiness. I would reply yes and no. The question comes; does our survival mode help us get to our soul purpose or does it impede?

Let me share that I was once in that survival mode as my values were based on the typical norms of living a life. To survive. Nothing wrong with that at all. I was even doing very well as a Regional Compliance person. I traveled to countries, was passionate about my work and also earning well. Nothing to really complain except the stress but who working is not stressed? However, I did not notice that being so goal oriented, I was temperamental, judgmental, high strung and never satisfied with my own standard of work. The stress came from me and no one else. Alas, one day, when I came to office and as I sat down in front of my computer monitor screen, a question arose in me that said “What are you doing? Is this what you really wish to do with your life? Is this what you are worth?” When these questions arose, my own personal motivations of where I was started to reduce. This went on until a climaxing moment of 4 years of struggling and asking me what I really wished to do. I know from inside that I had a distinct purpose but felt stuck. Actually, stuck with my beliefs.

I thought I had all the answers but lo and behold, there were so much subconscious issues, belief systems as well as ancestral issues that linked to my anxiety and depression. I realized I was not the person who I am. Through that anxiety and depression and using many healing modalities through many beautiful persons I met including studying my own birth chart, I realized what my purpose is. However, to get to this point, I needed to go through the survival mode, reach a crisis and then discover my purpose. With those experiences and lessons, I am now sure of where I am to be, be courageous and follow that path with faith.

You may ask me then that survival mode is then a path to one’s realization of one’s soul purpose. I may reply yes for my case but it may not be for all. Some I do know suffer from depression and anxiety, being labeled a mental case and they isolate themselves out. That is sad as every soul is beautiful and has a part to play.

The Universe has made us perfectly and is not subject to societal norms. We subject ourselves to it and live out the victim role.  Most of the time in cases of depression and anxiety minus clinical cases; it would usually mean that we are not following our true path. The journey can be an impediment but it can also be leading to our true path. I do not promise that realizing one’s own soul purpose will mean no more stress or problems. You may still have life stresses but one thing can be assured is that you will get up every morning ready with a sense of purpose for the day and able to manage the issues yet be contented inside.

Vedic Astrology is so vast that it can show information we need for our lives. Through my journey, I have seen those impediments in my chart, strengths as well as my thinking patterns that make me who I am in this life and how I can survive following my true path. If you have been going through internal dissatisfaction without any reasons, anxiety and depression causing career, health and relationship issues, let me help as a person who has also been on that journey. Let me help uncover your purpose in this life and help you lead your true life.

With much love and light,


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