Some have asked me what is the logic behind astrology, reiki, pranic healing, hypnotherapy and akashic records etc. I just ask what logic? Is logic the norm and they look at me with a strange look as if I am not logical myself!

It is good to explore this as I myself once came from a scientific background where my first job was being a Research Assistant in developing avian (bird) vaccines. So logic was pivotal. We as humans need to understand and comprehend before we believe. Basically, logic feeds our 5 natural senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. When these 5 senses are satisfied, there is logic that whatever that is is real and believable.

We live in the world based on our 5 senses to an extent it can control us. The logic we live by can be one of Aristotle logic where if there is smoke seen, there must be fire. However, many a times we ourselves do not notice that logic may not be all there is. Does it mean that if we do not see something, hear something, taste something, smell or touch something that means it is not real or in existence? Then take an example of gravity. We now know that we do not float on Earth because there is a gravitational force by the Earth as observed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687. Can we say then that till 1687, there was no gravity on Earth?

Every theory in science can be overturned when a logical theory can be proven against it by satisfying the 5 senses of Man. Then what is really real?

Just because, we cannot define anything by our 5 senses, does not mean it does not exist or is not there. This I discovered along the way in my journey. A lot of illnesses that happen these days may be treated by medical science but there are some that cannot be cured by medical science. Certain forms of depression, anxiety or even IBS and fibromyalgia. Some of these conditions are being termed as psychosomatic which basically means they may not be able to tangibly find the root cause. I had such issues in depression and anxiety. Strangely, enough, after visiting doctors, the most that could happen was medicines given to manage rather than to treat or find the root cause. So with nothing else to lose, I went into energy healing as when I looked at my birth chart, I had issues which were psychosomatic deriving from subconscious issues.

I went to hypnotherapy with an open mind and lo and behold, I found out the number or emotional issues such as anger, resentments which I could not consciously feel or see came up for resolution. I could not imagine a body of mine could contain such amount of negative emotions built over the years and were causing number of issues for me including insomnia. Through these various healing modalities, I manage to deal with them one by one. In doing so, not only did I heal myself physically but also emotionally and mentally as well. There is no logic to these healing modalities as it does not only deal with the 5 senses. It deals with our soul. That itself is intangible but is apparent in our lives.

One fact of the soul I can share is that, it is bliss and only knows happiness. A simple example would be when we meet a friend, we ask the other person how he/she is doing and if the reply is that they are not well, we very quickly may ask why and enquire from them their condition. However, if he/she says that they are well, we just carry on. Why do we not ask, why are you well? You may laugh at this but think about it. It is so natural that happiness is our nature as bliss is the nature of our soul. No logic to this again.

We have ended up these days seeing the unreal as real and the real as unreal. The journey of our soul is to see the reality which would surpass the logical theories set by the 5 senses. Being limited by the belief system of what logic is can sometimes itself be a limitation and an obstacle rather than a solution.

Astrology itself deals with gravitational forces that are not tangible but I have experienced that it is real. The immense information that can be found from the birthchart can be profound and life revealing. The logic comes when it plays out in our lives and we live the chart. Instead of living the chart, we can be pro-active to work with the chart. To get a logical illogical reading of your soul purpose, I am always available and willing to be that logical force which you may contact.

With much love and light,


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