In life, many questions arise and shall arise for us to seek an answer but I realized that the most fundamental and profound question one can really ask oneself is the question ‘Who am I?’ Some have said it is a question coming out of the ego and I do know that great master such as Ramana Maharishi had advocated this question where it is the start of one’s spiritual journey.

Since young, I have been doing volunteer work in spiritual organization and being a seeker of knowledge; I read many spiritual books and even believed in many of the teachings and concepts that came along with it. Interestingly, I always had an affinity for spirituality inside but living in this world, I had to live with concept of materialism as well. If you have read my previous blogs, you would know that I reached a crisis moment in life and went through a journey. In that journey, I realized what realization and knowing really meant.

Reading all those spiritual books, I was aware of the journey as souls we are, it is our mission to merge back with the Supreme Universal energy or God. I had always known this but there was always something missing. So when I approached healers in terms of my health and wellbeing, I became more familiar with energies and the concepts of it. However, when I underwent past life regression and hypnotherapy, something hit me hard. I was able to recollect through those sessions, my past lives and how it related to my state now. How I was connected to the people around me now and how my ancestry played a part in my soul evolution. Even through Akashic Records, Channeling and through Vedic Astrology, it dawned on me a few things. In my past, I was a woman, a warrior, a sage, a monk and even a very sickly person apart from which I am sure there are many not explored. What got me was that I was able to see it and feel it. Then it dawned on me, am I a product of my ancestral debts, my past karmas and what I was previously? It did not seem real anymore as it meant that even this life is passing. What is real? Then the question came, Who am I? I was aware in terms of knowing but now I was realizing that all these are transient but who am I?

When undergoing spiritual healing, negativity seems to be appearing more and I had more of an emotional roller coaster of guilt, fear and regret. Questions came out as to whether I really did what I did? Am I a horrible person or evil person? It can be so easy to blame others or ignore or even get more depressed but what came was, what is the purpose? I realized that the emotional roller coaster was not making anything better. I have to be aware, understand the consequences that I face now, take responsibility and be kind to myself and be happy that I am enlightening my ignorance. Then take positive steps of acceptance and self power to know that I am in charge of my life and not anyone else. I can make the change within to lead a fulfilled life. With the negativity faced and uprooted, I felt lighter.

Understanding the past gave a lot of clarity of what my situation was. It satisfied my intellect of wanting to know. I know that the pain I was going through happened before and it is something I needed to heal. The ancestral patterns I carry in relation to my ancestors were manifesting in me. I was able to be a third party of myself and see my own traits. I realized the behavior patterns, subconscious issues that actually were there and was causing me my own problems. No one else and not anything else. When the intellect was satisfied, I realized that I want to know who I am. I read many books on souls and they are wonderful but knowing is not as good as realizing. So I put out the energy to the Universe that my main purpose is to realize who am I whether I succeed in this life or the next.

There is one thing I can admit in my view is that all of us born are souls having a learning experience to evolve higher into the ultimate. It does not matter who and what we are in our human lives as that will have to all decay and outlive its usefulness in time. Alexander the Great actually was an example. Known as Great ruler and warrior, he conquered many lands and acquired riches. When it came to the time when he was going to die, none of his riches could go with him. To demonstrate this, he made a strange request, he  instructed  his  ministers  to  take  his  dead  body  in  a  procession  through  the  streets  of  his  capital keeping both his hands in a raised position pointing the sky. When  the  ministers  were  curious  to  know  the  reason  for  this  strange  request  from  the  Emperor, Alexander  replied that after conquering several  countries  and  accumulated  great  wealth, there is a vast army under his control. Yet, none was to accompany him at the time of his leaving his mortal body. He is going with empty hands. This truth had to be demonstrated to all people.

The only constant in the Universe is change but who we are is the only Truth. Being obsessed or placing high importance on material life in my view is meaningless as it is all temporary. The importance is our soul purpose and growth. A Human with values is a valued human being.

In search of my answer to the question of who am I, I chose to break the shackles of the belief systems that I was finding uncomfortable in myself and embark on Soul purpose through Vedic Astrology. Through my doing some consultations of a few, I can safely say that each one of us have been born for the higher purpose of not only of our soul growth but realizing the Oneness of Creation, Universe and all of us to each other. It is a path I happily choose and to also grow my soul.

For each person I do a reading, I learn so much from my clients and the values of life and spirit. Let me be a part of the wisdom of growth that you are obtaining in your journey and contact me for a reading.

With much love and light,


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