The Moon! A beautiful sight to behold when it is full. It denotes a sense of calmness and beauty in the dark. In astrology as well as in nature, the moon is one of wonder and importance. In Vedic astrology, moon is used primarily in readings of transits and most importantly to derive one’s planetary periods (Dasha). Let us explore into the moon.

As the Sun is known as the soul or even supersoul (Paramatma), the moon is known as the individual soul (jivatma). It is the ruler of the mind and emotions. It makes us able to feel to be alive in our physical body. Believe it or not, the moon is the repository of karma. It follows us every life. Karma comes to the mind first from many sources such as interactions in our lives or even from the subconscious. Interestingly, many of our negative tendencies are caused by the negative thoughts we have programmed into our mind. Think about it. All our thoughts, words and deeds, derive from the thought and emotion derived from the mind. When we act upon what the mind is doing and causing us to feel, we act. The actions may have a beneficial or liable consequence depending on the intent or nature of it.

There are no positive or negative karmas. That itself is the resulting state of our mind and perception. Karma is just neutral. We feed it as good and bad based on our experiences and resulting emotions that brings along with it.

We embody the energies of the planets within us. Interestingly, we all know the common term of ‘Monkey Mind’ where we cannot control our thoughts. Some of these thoughts lead us to deep dark places such as depression or if we are actively thinking of the future, it causes anxiety. Some of our thoughts can initiate angry, jealousy and even at times, violent emotions. If we cannot think clearly, we create thoughts of others in a negative light and cause ourselves much stress and anguish within. Resulting from all of that is illness. From here, we can see that we cause our own negative karma through our own mindset. We are usually our own worst enemy. The root of most of our karmic issues stem from the mind.

If we look at Vedic Astrology, the condition of the moon is vital to a person’s good and favorable life. It indicates the strength of the mind to be able to withstand stress and vicissitudes of life that comes. If the moon is not strong, many negative conditions can arise. So in this case, does it mean that the person is doomed in life? No, it just means that one of the lessons for the person is to strengthen his/her own mind and emotions. To perceive clearly and gain clarity. So you may say easier said than done right? True, but think about it, why are there so many healing modalities where meditation is one great modality to control the mind?

When the mind is weak, one is not centered or grounded. Meditation instills the practice of stillness of the mind and centering oneself. In doing that, calmness sets in and clarity begins to appear. Following that are actions which are beneficial leading one to benefit from life. That will help create more beneficial consequences. Of course, meditation is not the only modality that will help. There are others as well these days.

I have a sort of weak moon as well and that gives me many beautiful lessons of trying to be calm and engage in beneficial activities that will strengthen the mind rather than the opposite. We all have free will as well as consequence. If at that one moment we decide to do something positive, that free will will manifest in a beneficial consequence. If we do the opposite, we will get corresponding results. So to say that because my moon is weak and so I am like that or like this is playing victim or not being responsible. We have every will to decide what we can do with such a configuration.

In my readings, I do analyse the placement of the moon and the condition of it as it would show the tendencies the person has as it is the seat of karma. From there I can derive the actions based on one’s mental attitude and emotions that lead one to particular scenarios which are undesirable. It does have an impact on one’s soul purpose in life.

If you are interested to feel what your karma holds and the will you have to change it, let me help you gain that clarity.

With much love and light,


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