In my previous articles, I have written on the importance of the sun and moon in our birth chart. Obviously, both the sun and moon are linked in terms astrologically as well as how we see it in the sky.

The Sun as we know represents our soul. In Vedic Astrology, not only the soul but the supersoul as we may called God or Universe, which ever you like to call it. Reason is that we are not just the soul but we are the Universe and the Supersoul. We are in it and it. So wherever the Sun sits in our birth chart, it is actually burning off our illusion of identity of just the self but also giving us the light of realization that we are part of the Universe. We are one with it. Not separate.

The moon as we know represents our individual soul. You may ask me that I have mentioned that we are already part of it. So why now this individuality. The Supersoul or conciousness acts through us as individuals but we are all connected and part of it. We can say that we are blind to our nature which is already there. So what we are doing now is to get our eyesight back and see the Truth of it. In that journey, the moon represents our mind, emotions and tendencies that come along with it and the corresponding consequences we need to be responsible for enlightening ourselves. I must say that there is nothing positive or negative. The negative which we perceive is actually positive as it is shedding our ignorance.

So what is the relationship between the sun and the moon? Let us look at the sky. The moon can only shine when the sun shines its light on it. If there is no light on it, we cannot see the moon. Simple as that. But what does that mean to us? Without our soul shining its light on the brain, there is no mind and no emotions thereafter. May be considered as dead. The fundamental is still of the soul or supersoul. If we are not connected or in touch with our soul, we get into dark, depressive and negative thoughts….thoughts that stir us away from our own reality. When it is connected to the soul that is when we are congruent as we are in touch with our reality.

This brings me to the symbolism of the New Moon and Full Moon. Both are usually observed as important days in many cultures. Why? In my view, it is more of the fact that it represents our individual soul merging or receiving light and wisdom from the source or supersoul. At the New Moon is when the supersoul plants a seed within us and till the day of the full moon, we are to cultivate and grow that seed. When the full moon comes, it is to bear fruit. If it is cultivated well, it bears desirable fruits which leads to wisdom. However, if we had cultivated with undesirable intentions, the Sun which is our supersoul will burn away that ignorance which is good but may be perceived as negative to us. The only purpose of the Universe is to grow our soul with love and it may come in various forms but it is our perception that sees it as positive or negative. When it is a full moon, it is where the individual soul and supersoul are connected or merged and that is why full moons are always beautiful. However, this external universe is very much within us.

We are born with the energies of the planets within us. It is not external. Our birth chart shows the intelligence and wisdom we have learnt over many lives and how we are progressing.  We are constantly in action towards the evolving our soul whether we accept or we believe it. The fact that you are reading this article is the result of your own innate need for the wisdom of your own soul. I cannot tell you all of it as I am also learning but again experience of realization is always better than the experience of knowing.

So do not hesitate to know and realize about the wonderful plan your soul has for you. Get a reading from me and we can both learn the nature of our soul together.

With much love and light,


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