Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus! A very common saying we see and hear but I am not going to be writing about this. However, I am going to write the nature of Mars. I have mentioned previously that the energies of all the planets reside within us. The Universe is within us. Each of these planets plays an important role besides Sun and Moon as well. Mars is known as we see in astronomy as the red planet. In Vedic Astrology, it is depicted for fiery courage, combativeness as well as aggression. Whenever we see a person who is brave, courageous and assertive on the outside, we deem that their Mars may be strong. The truth is far from that.

Each planet as in Vedic Astrology has properties of Inertia, Aggression and Purity. Each of these states in the planets seen in our charts actually manifest in us through our behavior which may be beneficial or consequential. Mars is a planet truly in its highest form is seen as courage, discipline and bravery but let us see the other forms.

In its property of inertia, Mars can manifest in us lazy, lacking courage and on extreme ends may manifest as violent tendencies to the extent of murder. This definitely shows one who has issues from within.

In its property of passion, it can manifest as bad temper and argumentativeness. Sometimes there are individuals, who just like to argue for anything and everything which is a result of bad temper. However, these shows also there are some subconscious issues arising from within.

In its highest form or pure form, Mars manifests as courage, willpower and self-discipline. It is a soldier planet which carries out anything with an intent of doing the right thing. The actual Mars energy is actually one’s courage to go within and be aware of the negative qualities or emotions and working to overcome it through self-discipline and will power. It helps the soul to further evolve not just by being aware but doing the work to overcome issues. It does not really manifest temper, violence and aggression to others. It only does that when we lack the courage to go within and resolve issues from within.

I can say in my life, this was a sore point. When I was younger, I did not like trouble or to face conflicts. Even when I know something is not right, I would just keep quiet and follow others. Then get in trouble and curse myself as I knew what was right but did not speak up. Resentments from within grew. I acted as the victim but actually I was not. In this case, my Mars energy manifested as a person fearful though others thought I was a super nice and peaceful person. In reality, I did not have courage. So it is not about being nice and compromising that is important but being nice and having the courage from within to know what was right and speaking up. Living in congruence with oneself.

As time went on, due to my resentments of myself for the lack of courage to speak up, I became angry. So I had the other manifestation of Mars which was being temperamental as well as being argumentative. It was like I was a soldier in war. I destroyed relationships unnecessarily and hurt myself more until a crisis moment came.

It was at that crisis moment, I had no choice but to go within though I was fearful. I had to see what were my issues that triggered me to be fearful as well as also to be argumentative. Not easy at all. It took a lot of courage from my side to face my demons and to use the love of understanding, discipline and will power to overcome them. I became happier, I knew myself more and is able to be courageous, disciplined and through willpower live my life happier. I cannot say it is a 100% as the battle within goes on but I know at least what real courage is.

Our soul is on the journey of enlightenment and the Martian energy is actually used as energy to have the courage, self-discipline and willpower to fight the battle within us, not the outside battles. Facing the inner demons is the courage to have, as what is inside is reflected on the outside. If we deal with the negatives within, there is none on the outside.

You may tell that I am born this way or that way but no! We can manifest all three of the states of Mars in life as I had mentioned BUT we are also given the consciousness to manifest the higher form of it through our intentions. As we are all connected by the same energy, we manifest in our lives by our intent. Work with the planets and not be ruled by it.

If you would like to know how your Mars energy is helping in your soul growth, send me a communique from Mars….. Just joking. I am always here to help manifest that Martian courage in you!

With much love and light,


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