Authenticity, a word that has been coming up to me for number of years especially during my healing process which still go on. It is a kind of buzzword of now. When I looked at my chart, regardless of whether I am aware of this word of authenticity, it is something that I myself have struggled with.

It is an interesting one as I have observed many who probably thought they were authentic but were actually not. It can be perceived by others in a most obvious manner and also energetically. The words of hypocrisy or fake come in here but I would think that that would be more appropriate for one who is doing it with intent. However, many of us struggle with being authentic and remaining authentic as there is a deep fear and also due to entrenched belief systems which may not be useful personally.

For a number of years, in my own conscious mind, I thought I was who I was in terms of my thinking, behavior and emotions. However, when crisis had befallen, that was when pretty much everything came in front of me. When I underwent many healing modalities, what came was surprising as what I was displaying was not something that I was in my authentic self. Ancestral issues, belief systems and the lack of inner courage causing me to seek validation from others were issues that arose for me to face and heal. In that process, more or less I was able to feel within myself as well what I really wanted to do and be. In line with my birth chart, it fit as well.

The bigger issue was that I needed to accept it. It was not as simple. My own birth chart had shown indications of being different and it played out in my life since young. The issue is that as Humans, we are comfortable with the tried and tested as well as familiarity. However, when something different comes, we get skeptical and sense of disbelief occurs. So criticism arises. I experienced that when I may think and say different, it may not be wrong but those around would be like ‘Oh my’…….ha ha. They could not put it down as it was not wrong but just different. So I get outcaste. Of course, as a child and teenager, this was difficult. Nevertheless, now I understand. It has nothing to do with others. The issues reside in me. If we cannot accept ourselves and role in this life, no one is going to. If we are confident of our authenticity in life, others even though may find us different, will accept us. Again here, if they do not accept, we may want to authenticate ourselves as we may be a lesson for others besides ourselves.

When I had read number of charts, the same issues came up. It could be well a reflection of me as well. However, through my healing sessions with other beautiful healers, I realise they say similar about my issues but different in some aspects. More or less, unconsciously, we read and heal others as seen through our own lenses at times. Taking note of what had been said to me, I had to go within to seek resonation, connection and own validation to know my truth. As the universe may send number of healers and readers but it is up to us to go within to join the dots and make the change! No one can do that for us.

I feel that most of us find that authenticity of who we are in this life is related to our soul purpose and lessons for us to evolve at a soul level. However, the real authenticity of ‘I’ is not just the self but the self that is part of the Universe. It is then ‘I am I’. I am beyond this body and mind but just pure consciousness of light. The light that each one of us came from and is a part of. The Authentic I in this life is being congruent to what our soul has set for us in this life for a lesson to learn in order to reach the ultimate mergence with the Universal self.

Regardless of the environment or how others may think and feel, staying authentic to one’s journey is also part of our purpose. So let me be part of that journey and let us contact soul to soul……ha ha but if you are interested, please use the phone or email.

With much love and light,


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