Compassion, when we hear it and think about it, we think of gentle, understanding, ascended masters and a sense of peace. It is what is so needed in the world but there is a lot more to being just kind. A lot of us in the spiritual path would come across this. We try to embody the value of compassion in our lives through our daily actions. This can include the way we talk, walk, think, feel and how we treat others.

Question comes as to do we need to embody compassion? Is it in us already? Do we need to do it with intent rather than it coming automatically? Some questions, I would like to express on. Interestingly, we consciously feel that we are being compassionate towards someone. Example is when we say I was compassionate to him/her but it was not reciprocated. Feelings of resentment arise. It is rather contradictory. Or in another scenario, we choose to be compassionate towards someone or a group and at the same time, we are judgmental or condemning of another. Consistency seems to be in question here.

I came across a reading I did as well as coaching a client and I learnt in some way the value of compassion. A client of mine was actually being nice to someone that was not good for her. When I asked why? The word compassion came. When further explored in the coaching session, the reason for her compassion was fear and guilt to which when further explored, she realized there was nothing for her to feel guilty or fearful of. The guilt and fear came from the expectation of social norms and being accused of something she was not of. When connected with her heart space, she realized she had to neither fear nor feel guilty about. That was a very relieving moment for my client. There was an obvious energy shift for her thereafter.

In my client’s Vedic astrological chart, her Venus, moon, 4th house as well as her soul significator planet with interactions of other planets showed the tendencies that needed to be worked out. Internal subconscious set tendencies created certain outcomes that affected my client in relationships, personal temperament, career as well as state of mind.  When she found the answers herself, there was an obvious understanding from her side on her own issues.

It got me contemplating even within myself the value of compassion. Sometimes, when we feel and think we are being compassionate, are we really? Is it a mask that covers some negative emotions that need to be worked out? That may be the way for a lot of other positive qualities as well.

Are we nice because we truly are or are because of fear, guilt, attachment, some ingrained belief system or requiring validation where we need to be seen as nice guys/girls. It seems important to know within oneself, the reasons we display positive qualities as I realized it may be a mask of some negative quality, emotion or beliefs within.

I realized that when it comes to compassion or even love, there are no negative tendencies as a precursor or reason. Universal Love and compassion is not something we embody but it is something that we are by nature of our soul. It has no attachments of positivity or negativity. It has no reason or season. It is when we recognize and realise in the depths of our soul the Universal Oneness of all of us, I believe compassion will be expressed in it’s full glory. The expression of it is always for the higher good of all not for one person or a group. Good examples would be to see the lives of the Ascended Masters. They embody and act on compassion. They were never for a group but for humanity.

Carrying out acts of compassion is important but not as important as realizing that we are all embodiments of Love and Compassion I feel. That is what I feel is the link between all of us, not gender, race, religion or nationality.

To explore with me, your tendencies that determines your choices in life such as in your career, relationships and even abundance, contact me. As much as you learn more of yourself, I also learn more of myself.

With much love and light,


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