It is so interesting these days that we speak so much of light and dark, the dualities of life. In some cases, it is both one and the same and in others, these are opposites. Whichever way we perceive it; I feel it is an inherent part of our journey.

The darkness which everyone refers to is something I feel is ego, unreal and even for that matter a state of ignorance of which we really are to enlighten which is our main soul purpose.

I have gone through my darkness which had been acute for some time then. It was something that no other words can describe but dark and stuck. However, what was I stuck with? I was stuck with issues of past, traumas and inherently strongly held belief systems which whether I liked it or not was not beneficial to my spiritual growth. All these were linked to my ego which was not real and wanted me to remain in it forever I guess due to fear and remaining in my so called comfort zone. It serves no purpose.

Of course, the one thing I realized when I went through the healings was the awareness of the issues and when I did, I realized it was not real in the first place. It is something I had put myself in. Embracing the darkness in my view may get us living continuously in the darkness, having a reason not to learn or overcome it and grow spiritually. It serves no purpose in my view.

So what I did was to embrace the light, using the light of love and compassion to help dissolve the blocks within. In shining that light, darkness dissolved. The darkness transformed into light or was overcome or even for that matter a battle won. Is all of the darkness gone? No, I still face it day in day out but I am aware of the methods that can be used to overcome. The method is of harnessing the light within, the wisdom within and the courage within. These are real. All resources we need are within us. The energy of love which is the form of our soul is light. The Universal Self is light. The darkness is never real. It is based on our ego perceptions I view.

An example, I like to highlight is one of the reasons why Deepavali was celebrated. One of it was based on the life of Rama who was the incarnate of the Preservation Principle of Vishnu. It was that day that he returned back to his kingdom after a 14 year exile and after defeating the demon king Ravana. Ravana was a mighty king who conquered all worlds and he had spiritual wisdom of ten heads. Even having attained spiritual heights, the downfall was caused by the ego he had in him. Even Rama commended Ravana’s attainments but was wasted due to ego. Ego makes us believe the unreal to be real. It is illusion. When Ravana was dying, his ego was shattered and he began to see the Divine in Rama and was able to merge.

Rama represents our soul of divinity, purity and love. Ravana represents our ego. Even if we attain high spiritual knowledge and even power but if the ego is there and follow through our thoughts, words and deeds, all may come to naught.

Astrologically, the Sun is the Universal soul. It is the light that we see every day. It is something that life depends on.  It is the very resource of energy to overcome depression. Try taking a walk in nature under the light of the morning sun. The effects are great. Ask the Sun, has it ever seen darkness? Ha Ha, I can imagine, it might give a weird look of what is this darkness?

The darkness serves a purpose I do feel and it serves the purpose of showing the light and the value the light which is who we are. It does not mean we ignore the dark as facing it and overcoming it leads us to spiritual light and wisdom.

Ascended Masters have shown by example of their lives in overcoming ignorance and attaining self-realization and mergence with the Cosmic self. They came for humanity. To embody and exemplify Love in it’s highest form. Most important I feel, they show us who we are and how to connect to the heart. In doing so, we merge with cosmic self as Divine Consciousness. It does not matter whether Buddha, Christ or Mahavir Conciousness is. There are no labels to it. It is Divine Conciousness. It is pure Universal Love and that Love that binds us all. So I choose to embrace Light.

If you would like me to help share where you may need to overcome to embrace the light in your life, shine me your light ….Ha ha….just contact me.

With much love and light,


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