In my childhood days, like any other kid, I always dreamt of being an adult where I could have some independence and be rich. Ha Ha! Being rich was the main thing. It was what I may have been exposed to in terms of media and what goes round the world.

Of course, as I grew older, life became more complicated and then I realized hmmm……not so easy. Things are not as simple as we may like or feel. Issues of the world dawns upon me. When I watch the news or read the newspapers even up till today, issues of conflicts arising from race, religion, gender, nationality etc.; name it and we have a conflict for it. Amazing!

I always felt from even then, that these conflicts were unnecessary and I even expressed it out to others where I can. However, realizing it takes us into another dimension altogether. Couple of years ago, when crisis hit, it was when I had opportunity to heal by going deep. One of the forms of healing as mentioned in previous articles was regression therapy or even hypnotherapy. It was new to me and heard of skepticism from others on this. To me was, why not?

When I went for it and had couple of sessions, what distinctly impacted me first was the ability to go within, to access the lives I had previously. That was indeed mind blowing to me. In previous lives, I was a monk, sage, warrior, sort of a woman politician and even a helpless woman. What distinctly got me was the fact that I had so many lives and it was of different gender, race, beliefs, nationality and even occupations. Then I began to wonder who am I as I was in all these roles but who am I really?

It would seem now that all the conflicts in terms of gender, race, religion and nationality mean nothing. It is like a distraction we get ourselves into. In all those lives, what came up distinctly were deeds and how connected it is to my life now. It did not matter much who and what I was as that was temporary but the deeds carried over. These deeds, emotions and thoughts impact our lives now either for the better or causes obstructions which we feel in our emotional and physical health, our career, relationships and abundance.

When I crossed checked with my own birth chart, it matched up. Theme of lessons to be learnt was shown and development in this life also showed. Of course, I will share one of my personal lessons in the next article.

You may ask me whether our birth chart can show our lessons from past lives. I would definitely say yes as the birth chart is our karmic blueprint of our lives. It shows the effects of past lives that come in this life for fruition. It may be positive or it may be something where we still need to learn in order to have a smoother health, career, money and even relationships. It can also show the map for the lessons and purpose of this life. The so called blocks we call, usually means an ignorance to an issue that needs to be healed or wisdom to be gained.

What really matters to me is not so much the race, gender and religious issues that we may be caught up with as at end of the day, we are all the same spark of the Universe. It matters whether we have learned the wisdom of the issues of our deeds from the past and present in order to move forward in obtaining new wisdom.

This is the reason I do what I do now which is astro coaching as it not only gives me wisdom when I help another but I realize the connection I have with my clients on a soul level. Contact me if you wish to know the wisdom which the planets would have for you to realize.

With much love and light,


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