The Heart, a beautiful organ of the body which keeps us alive and well. It is symbolically associated with emotions of love, peace and compassion. The heart can be seen as the core of anything. Likewise the spiritual heart is where the seat of the soul is. It is where logic do not take precedence. It is in the flow of the energies of the Universe. It does not need to make logical sense as it is and has a sense of its own. It knows what the higher good of the individual is. Many even know it as where the Divine resides.

Sometimes, we come across individuals or situations in our lives where it feels right but logically we do not know why and we have not encountered this person or situation in this life as yet. Yet, it just feels right. Many of us definitely would have experienced this. Logic does not apply here but the soul of who we are knows exactly knows why, what it needs and wants.

In my life especially the last three to four years had been an immense period of healing and going within to know what my purpose and path is. During the hypnotherapy sessions, the purpose of my being came clear to me and in addition using other healing modalities, similar was found. The interesting issue was that considering my age and life that I am already in, how does it makes sense to follow the path I am meant to be in? Would it really make me happy? Will it work out well? Will I have enough abundance for survival? A lot of these questions arose. When these questions arose, what came was fear and more anxiety. So I try to follow the so called beliefs of leading what is considered a normal life but ha ha, I encountered more unhappiness and obstacles in my life.

Guess what? I proceeded to go on my path which I felt right which was being a Vedic Astro-Coach. So what did I lose? I lost my security to my ego, gained some criticism for my beliefs but what I gained was fulfillment of my heart and happiness I cannot describe. Money, status of luxury can never buy this happiness and more importantly my health improve. I felt my heart opened up and my anger and resentments slowly going off. To add on, more synergistic events took place in supporting my direction and meeting of many beautiful people who further encouraged me. The Universe took care of all for me. Again, I learnt the service of helping others and in turn, it helped me more.

I feel we always focus on helping others or the under privileged in light to make them feel more happy and indeed is a wonderful feeling. However, why is it important that those we serve should be better off and happy? What does it mean to us? Did we ever ask ourselves this? In my view and feeling is that others being happy is important to us as we are all interconnected and part of a bigger whole. Our hearts cry out of compassion to those unfortunate as we are all connected and one. Our heart shows us this in this simple way. It goes beyond racial and religious beliefs.

By the service we do, we think and feel it benefits the other and indeed it may but more, it changes us. Personally service help us connect to our source of love. The biggest benefit is our sense of transformation from the heart. I can mention this as I feel it for myself. That sense of fulfillment and inner joy.

Probably, the point I wish to make is to follow the heart as the heart knows what is meant for us and the higher good for ourselves and others. It need not make sense and it does not need to be. The world itself does not make sense Ha Ha!

In my own birth chart, I am undergoing a period of where my soul lessons are coming out for me. Living my purpose is what it shows. There is a way; we can find the Soul lessons and the planet in our chart showing the lessons in this life. Following our purpose needs no validation and approval from others. It depends on the validation of your heart space as that makes us connected to the Universe and it’s wisdom for our purpose in life. Developing that courage to have faith and move in the direction meant for us is the only thing we need to have. At least that is from my own experience.

The Universe may test us initially to let us realize if we are really congruent within us despite even different views from others and whether we can express our Truth from our reservoir of wisdom from the heart.

I am so grateful to have worked with beautiful clients who have not only realized their purpose but have also opened my heart and mind to the vastness of the Universal Wisdom. Let me be able to help you realize your purpose by reading your birth chart and having a discussion with you as to how that may impact your health, relationships, abundance and career.

With much love and light,


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