Success – a word that causes the spark of ambition, motivation, fulfillment, enjoyment but also can see as stress, pressure and expectations. Everyone one of us wishes to be successful in life in whatever we do. The mark of a successful person in society is seen nowadays as one who has money, status and luxuries. The sense of achievement in his/her career is commonly seen as a successful person.

This belief system as set by social norms goes deep into centuries within different culture. So the moment we are born, success is a concept that is set in us. However, are all these real success?

I myself when young due to influence of those around me and society defined success as having a good stable job, good pay, status and ownership of luxuries. So whatever I did in terms of my education was heading this direction. The definition I had already set myself. This is with the view that I have control over my whole life…..a belief that has definitely changed now.

I got good education and got into a good job with a responsible position and pay that I was happy with. However, in that did I not notice that though I reached that position, I was never satisfied. So people would ask what is next? What is my progression? Interestingly, though I had everything materially I could possibly ask for, I was never fulfilled on the inside. I always had to worry of the politics in the office that could affect me negatively, I pressured myself to outperform myself and others just to ensure my status and possible promotion. This was at the expense of my personal happiness and health. All this was going on though pressured, stress and dissatisfied from within, I thought I had reached success. And yes, others perceived me as successful. I should be happy right? No, truly I was not. Though I had all the signs, shown to me, stubbornness became my best friend.

Then of course, life takes over and when crisis hits and all were lost, the most negative perception I had was that I was a failure. The ego identification with success came in and I went more into depression.

Of course, through my healing sessions, I uncovered the role I played in life and what was my success factor. It is the same factor with all in my opinion. And that is that living in congruency with our body, mind and soul and especially our purpose. Following the heart. The hard part for me was to come to terms of what I am supposed to be doing as opposed as to how normal success is viewed as per societal norms. At the end, it was a belief system within me that was a block as well as the lack of courage and faith to move in the path I am meant to be.

Success in my view is not when one has attained status, power, education and wealth. If one achieves all this and within him/her does not feel fulfilled and harboring feelings of anger, resentment, worry and dissatisfaction, then I feel one is not successful in life. When one follows and lives one purpose following the heart and having the courage to live it despite others and feeling fulfilled completely, I believe that is a successful person. Success is not defined by one’s material achievements, fame and publicity but by one’s inner achievements living one’s purpose and being the message of value and purpose to others.

The effect of positive change we can even have on one other person is a sign of success. It is never the quantity but the quality as at the end; the change in others is a reflection of change within us in my view.

Clients come to me asking me what would make them successful and usually it is on the point of material achievement. Usually, when I see their chart, their success in life may not have anything to do with career, status, money or luxuries. It usually has a deeper meaning of personal value evolvement. When that person lives it, that person feels in the heart their success. If they believe in congruency of their being in being successful, indeed they will be perceived as successful.

The courage to step out, do something and live by the heart has success and wealth that can never be defined by money or status.

To help you define your success in life, contact me for a reading and consultation of which I would be happy to be part of that journey with you.

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