We have come to the end of the year yet again. Time for festivities, holidays, celebration and most commonly observed is reflection and resolution time. The end of the year signifies the end of New Years and the New Year signifies another year of New Year celebrations. Think about it!

I hear so much of resolutions being made and that is incredible. I myself never make resolutions and the reason is simple…….I never follow or fulfill them. Something happens and there is a detour from plans. I do not have opinions much on those who make it and if they carry it out, fantastic!

However, it got me thinking that we reflect on the year gone by and make new resolutions for the year coming in the end of the year. It is queer. Why I write that? New Year is about time. Time that has gone by cannot be brought back. Interestingly, time is something that only exists for things which are finite like our human bodies. The moment we are born, the next sure thing is death. Sorry to be too negative…..ha ha but do read on to know where I am getting at.

Basically, mortality is what we face and time for our leaving can come at any time, any place and in any circumstance. Therefore, for every second gone by time is gone and we get nearer to our leaving as well. What we do between birth and death is key. We are here for a purpose and we are given the discrimination and some level of freedom to act the way we want as well. But when we do anything, time is gone and we cannot retrieve it at all.

It just means that time is very precious to us what we do with is vital. Therefore, rather than reflection and resolutions made once a year or during a season, I feel it is better that reflection and resolution is done daily regardless of new year or not. Every moment is a new moment. Every day is a new day. What we do now, determines the future. If we do good today, we get good in future but if we do bad, we get the same in future.

We do not know when is our time to go but doing something worthwhile in evolving our souls every moment makes the time in our life spent worthwhile. Gratitude for day that has gone by where we are fine and our loved ones are fine would help us appreciate the time we have.

I find that if we reflect daily and set intentions for action, the growth that comes out of it would be exponential as we are living the evolvement of our soul at every moment. We are saving time and serving our life purpose well. We do not realise but every single moment is precious to us. Making good use of it means making good use of the life given to us. Having said that, it is beneficial to know what’s in store for our soul evolution in the year ahead. We can be aware of what our soul lessons are that will impact our lives in many ways. With that, I am offering a 2018 Soul Path reading where I shall do a Vedic Astrological Reading on your soul lessons that will impact your career, health, relationship and abundance. This report will highlight the lessons that your soul needs to realise at this time in order to smoothen your career, health, relationships and abundance. So do not miss the chance now. Just view my facebook or website for details on how you can request a reading for yourself.

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