This year of 2017 has been a wonderful year for many of us in aligning to our authenticity. Likewise in Vedic Astrology Saturn had shifted from Scorpio to Sagittarius on 25 January to 2017 which will run up to 23 January 2020. In the past year, though Saturn had started in Sagittarius, he retrograded into Scorpio in the middle of the year and in October 2017; he shifted back to Sagittarius for good till 2020. What is significant? Well, if we look around, most of us or the world had been sent to a level where we wish to have authenticity as well as finding the roots of who and what we are. Let me break it down for you.

In each zodiac in Vedic Astrology, we have what we call lunar mansions or stars known as Nakshatras. In each zodiac, there can usually be around 3 nakshatras and each has a ruler as well. There are a total of 27 nakshatras and they play in pivotal role as all planets seen in the birth chart will fall into one of them. They can play a specific role in our karmas, personalities, health, money, career, marriage etc. I think you may know what I mean. Saturn is a planet that take around 2 ½ years to transit each sign and house. It is a slow planet which means, its impact is felt even more.

Now we have Saturn moving into Sagittarius which is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It is the natural 9th house in the Zodiac. Saturn is a planet of duty, restrictions, karma, time, pragmatism, discipline and rewards by way of being slow and steady and focused. Sagittarius the natural 9th house rules our philosophy, beliefs, religious dogma and doctrine, our fortune, law and long distance travel. When Saturn comes into this sign, he questions and tests our faith in our beliefs, faith including our spiritual beliefs as well. It is about the wisdom we hold. Is it practical in our daily life and realistic? Or is it a belief system that actually restricts us from reaching our potential.

In Sagittarius, there is a nakshatra called Mula which is from 0 degrees to 13 degrees of Sagittarius. This is an interesting nakshatra. It is ruled by the planet Ketu (South Node) and the deity ruling it is called Nirriti. She is known as the Goddess of Destruction and Dissolution. When we think of this, we think oh my……must be a lot of destruction in the violent kind. Actually, no. Here it means dissolution and destruction of our material illusion. It means getting to the roots of whom and what we are. It is getting in touch with our soul and why we are here.

When Saturn transits over this nakshatra which is currently happening, which ever house it rules in our birth chart, it will cause us to go very deep. Deeper than we think to break the illusions that binds us and see for what is real. What is practical? What is working in our lives and what is not? What is it that we desire and like but realistically is not who and what we are. It shows us what we are meant to be at a core level. It does not mean that we drop everything and become a spiritual recluse. We still need to live and pay our bills but now with knowing what makes us to be in the form we are.

Basically, we are going back to our roots. Saturn here will challenge us to give up what is not real and practical for us and see for ourselves who we are and realistically work and evolve from there. It is not pessimistic but realistic and with that comes progress where we align our energy selves to the physical beings we are.

We have to remember that Saturn is about realism, integrity, practicality and authenticity. He rules our root chakra. That means, it is not about the appearance that looks good that means is good. It does not mean of what feels good or looks good. He is more for the integrity and foundation of what is real. It is about facing even the darkest side of us and overcoming it or transforming. It is not the feel good factor but the factor leads us to BEING good that counts. If we deny facing our reality within us by going deep and doing the work, then this transit may be tough.

Therefore, one can say that we may observe more traditional aspects of life coming up. In this also, more may go into meditation, yoga, ancestral healing, animal rights and more importantly, connecting with nature. We will find how nature has brought us, can heal us as well as show us who we are.

There may be an increase in interest of mysticism, tarot readings, astrology and the occult sciences as these are what may help one go deep in as well. This shall be a very interesting transit for us all.

You may wonder how this transit will work out for you specifically. It depends on your own specific birth chart, where Sagittarius is for you in terms of the house and the interactions it will have with other planets in your chart as well as your planetary period. Therefore, let me help you. I am offering Saturn Transit Reading where I will detail out the plan Saturn has for you till 2020 and shall guide you along in the report of how you may make the most of this transit. So contact me and till then Happy New Year!

With much love and light,


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