We have now come to the end of the first month of 2018 and we are happily greeted with a Lunar Eclipse. I know not all will greet the eclipse happily but let us be positive. This eclipse is commonly known to all now as a supermoon eclipse. To me it is an eclipse of Selfless Love. It is really potent and life changing.

However, I must say eclipses usually will have strong effects on individuals where the planets involved in the eclipse and the eclipse points are interacting with your natal planets in your birth chart. In addition, if you are undergoing planetary periods which are involved in the eclipse, you would be impacted on. For others, it can be like they get up in the morning and nothing changes.

Let us see what this eclipse is about. Obviously, I write from the Vedic or Sidereal Chart which is different from the Western Chart. The eclipse takes place in the zodiac sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon in the nakshatra or star asterism of Ashlesha. Rahu is also transiting Cancer. The eclipse always takes place in the Rahu Ketu Axis. So where Rahu is, directly opposite is Ketu in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and also transiting that sign would be Sun, Mercury and Venus along with Ketu. This axis is known as the eclipse axis but the eclipse itself will be in Cancer.

Cancer is a sign ruled by Moon. No doubt, we commonly associate Moon with mind and emotions, on the higher level; it is actually related to Selfless Devotional Love. Love which is pure with no desires in the mix, pure and selfless. The higher form of love. Ashlesha, the star asterism in Cancer where the exact eclipse will be is an intense star known as the entwiner and is ruled by Serpent. What do serpents and entwiners do? Well, they have the ability to entwine and embrace and go very deep to the core and nature of substance. In this aspect, this star if our love is pure and devotional, it is able to bring us to the very core of our spiritual heart and the Universe. We will be able to be one with Universal Love which is the pure aspect of our Soul.

However, if our love and devotion is mixed with desires which are not bad but love which is formed based on impermanent desires, it will result in emotions of all kinds. If the emotions are toxic to us, it will embrace and entwine us bring us on awry ride where our emotions will ride on us causing much emotional issues resulting in much stress. This is the period, where emotions and even explosive emotions may result out of nowhere. Basically, in this scenario, it is actually showing or bringing up to show us where we have had an unhealthy attachment to something or some relationships. This may involve relationships of all kinds such as business, friends, family, spousal and even with rivals.

On the opposite end where Ketu, Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Capricorn, there shows a pull for structure and integrity. Capricorn is a sign of structure, integrity, organization and even boundaries. This shows where we are trying to put boundaries to our emotions with others. So there is a push pull with this eclipse axis. Interestingly, this can be merged. It just means that though we set rules, integrity and structure, we must never override and we must always connect with the heart and soul which is the core of our very existence. Using what we connect with our heart, manifest it in a practical and grounded manner and not get carried away with emotions. A person who is very structured with integrity will need to manifest those qualities in connection with the heart to ensure purity and soul is put into everything he or she does.

On the whole, most of us may be going through a rollercoaster ride of emotions if any during this period. If so, the best is to acknowledge the emotions, breathe, take lots of water and do something that may help you come down. However, do not ignore the emotions as it is a lesson showing us toxicity somewhere and helping us to learn and transform it. Eclipses are about upheavals and transformation. It is not bad. It just helps us evolve in our soul growth.

During eclipses, it is best time to be involved in spiritual practices which is believed to bring double fold benefits. It is nothing to be feared at all. Treat ourselves with much love, connect with our heart of love and find our direction and answers from it. Love always overcomes anything but we need to keep in mind that Universal Love is not emotions or desires. It is our essence and being. Let Ashlesha connect us directly to our heart of pure love.

On a global level with the involvement of other transits, it shows a massive movement where power may go back to the masses. Organizations, leaders as well as governments who are corrupt will be facing much trouble and shall be called out. Movement in the rights of the women may intensify and it is about time. Weather wise, there may be more earthquakes and possible floods.

Personally, even for me there will be major changes as I have natal planets involved in this eclipse. Being a sensitive, my emotions are more prominent to me. However, knowing this guidance, I am better able to handle it …….hopefully. Ha Ha!

This is the reason why I love Vedic Astrology as I am able to better guide myself through this events or better able to handle it. So if you wish to be proactive and understand how such events may help you, contact me for a reading.

With much love and light,


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