We have experienced two weeks ago a lunar eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses usually come in pairs and so we now are going to experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This time it is the sign of Aquarius in the star asterism of Dhanistha. It also coincides with the holy occasion of Mahashivarathri. There is a good connection between both which shall be detailed out in the article later.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, one is affected by the eclipse if one is undergoing planetary periods of Rahu, Ketu, any of the planets involved in the eclipse points or even if natal planets are involve. Other than that, the effects are not as intense or even noticeable in some cases.

Let us now get to the details of this eclipse. Obviously, I write from sidereal chart point of view which is what Vedic Astrology follows and not the tropical chart from which Western Astrology. There is a 23.5 degrees difference between both systems. So they need to be seen as they are. The eclipse this time takes place in early zodiac of Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn and it takes place in the star asterism of Dhanistha. Interestingly, this star is placed between the last part of Capricorn which is also ruled by Saturn and up to early Aquarius.

The asterism of Dhanistha represents the drums or known as Damaru of Lord Shiva in the form of the Cosmic dancer. This star means ‘wealthiest’ which move more in terms of wealth of values. Values that we forge our own path and dance to the beat of our own drum. The wealth here represents the values that we run our lives with. Wealth to many can mean different. How one measures and determines wealth may be different. Nevertheless to obtain the wealth we wish to have manifests the values we live by each day.

Interestingly, Dhanistha falls between two signs where both are ruled by Saturn. Saturn apart from many values he represents, he represents focus, discipline, realism, commitment and manifestation. In Capricorn where Dhanistha is partly there, Saturn here brings us to go within determining our own values with adding of structure, organization and realism. In this part, we must be focused and discipline to manifest the wealth we wish based on our values. Dhanistha in Aquarius would be where values we have attached to interacts with humanity. We attach ourselves to values and beliefs of the community which is far bigger and valuable to us. Basically, it is inner reflection becoming the outer values affecting our position in the community we are in.

If we look around and observe, communities and people on a personal level have begun to question traditions, culture and beliefs in view of how beneficial they are for the higher good of one and all. This eclipse on a personal level will bring to the forefront our own internal values to be reviewed and to be changed and transformed for the higher good of oneself. Values which are not beneficial may be suddenly realized or even where ignorance is realized, wisdom emerges. As the Sun represents our soul and there is an eclipse on it, the values to which our soul have been attached to may now undergo a drastic change where ignorance may give way to values for the growth of our soul.

On a global level, there may be some breakthrough in innovation and technology as Aquarius represents this aspects as well. Humanitarian issues such as gender equality as well as poverty issues may be highlighted more. Issues of theme of Unity in Diversity may be emphasized. Awareness of the connection of each one of us and accepting of differences as long is for the higher good may be emphasized more. More so it links with Mahashivarathri.

Mahashivarathri is linked to this new moon solar eclipse. Lord Shiva commonly known as the destroyer has been viewed stereotypically in a way that may have given the impression of destruction. This is far from the truth. He is the destroyer of ignorance and impermanent form. His form is of purity. He represents the evolutionary growth of each person from ignorance to divine. He is part of the Holy Trinity of Bramha (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Shiva (Destroyer). Bramha creates the good values in us, Vishnu preserves the good in us and grows it and Shiva destroys the bad leading to final liberation of the soul. They verily exist within us and not just external. We are our own creators, preservers and destroyers. What we create, preserve and destroy will lead us to our destiny and that is up to us.

For Mahashivarathi, it is the night of the year, where it is believed we can attain liberation by focusing within the divine in us destroying the ignorance of illusion. Realizing that we are divine and that all of us are divine and connected. At soul level level, we are one and we can be the same as well in the world but that is up to each one of us. So the eclipse which involves a star related to Lord Shiva is helping us to reflect within bringing out the values for the greater good of one and all which will manifest the fact that we are all connected and One.

Nothing in the Universe is coincidental and I belief all these occasions goes beyond race and religion but meant for the good of humanity. So is astrology. Though it is commonly a predictive science, it is actually a spiritual science meant to guide each one of us to realize who and what we are through the lessons in our lives. To know more your lessons in life that may help manifest your happiness, contact me for a reading.

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