In this world, ancient spiritual sciences have been developed to help guide Man in his journey of life. These sciences have been developed by different cultures with similar principles to help people. It ranges from Astrology, channeling and even card readings. Whatever they may be the most important principle is clarity and guidance.

Astrology is a popular spiritual science which many turn to for guidance. Astrology has developed in number of cultures and though they may be different in some aspects, the objective and goal remains the same.  Vedic Astrology has similarly been developed for a similar purpose. Interestingly, some of my readers have noted the difference between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology in terms of the transits and signs they may be in at one time. So I always say that they may differ in this but the end result comes to the same in terms of the readings. However, I wish to let know on how Vedic Astrology known as sidereal chart reading is different from western astrology which is based on Tropic Zodiac Reading. This is based on my own research. So some clarity may be obtained. However, note that both systems work as well and comparisons made based on which is better is not encouraged. Whatever you resonate with, go for that system.

The mapping system used in Vedic astrology integrates 12 solar portions with 27 lunar portions, as according to Vedic Scholars and they occupy the same space without changing. The earliest record of the 12, 30 degree signs is from the Babylonian Empire, from about the fifth century BC. The zodiac was sidereal; connecting precise ecliptic coordinates to 30 degree portions. Later, these sidereal 30° portions found their way to Greece, then later to Egypt. Zodiacs were still sidereal. The tropical zodiac came to be under Claudius Ptolemy who proposed to pin them to seasons, by declaring the 1st degree of Aries should be pinned to the vernal equinox around the first century CE.

As we now know, the distance between the sidereal zodiac from Babylon and the tropical zodiac from the Greeks, has now drifted by about 24°. This is because the seasons on earth (measured by the vernal equinox) are not related to the ecliptic coordinates used to measure objects circling the earth. These 2 zodiacs continue to drift apart by about 1° every 70 years for eternity. This is the reason why when Sun is in Aries in the sidereal chart, the same time the Sun is seen in Taurus for the Tropic Zodiac System.

For Vedic Astrology, there are also the 27 portions of star asterisms known as Nakshatras which were calculated and in place in the 12  30 degrees zodiac signs which are fixed and not movable. There is also a system called Planetary Periods known as Dasha periods. This is a system based on a planet that rules a certain period of ones’ life. This is based on the position of moon on a nakshatra when a person is born. From there, there will be certain planetary periods that come in one’s life bringing out the karmic energies related to it. It has major impact on one’s life in every aspect. Also there will sub planetary periods that relate to the main period together with the transits and natal planets, the astrologer can accurately bring out an event or condition.

You may ask me, which is better? Where do I get a reading from? Firstly, I will tell you that no system is bad despite the apparent differences. It always depends on you and what you look for in a reading and to which system you may resonate with.

This is my belief. Whether it is Chinese, Indian, Western, Thai or any other system of astrology, they may help give guidance and clarification on your situation. The fundamentals may remain similar. Despite from different cultures, we are all human with the same fundamental of soul. We are connected as One. However, the readings can only benefit depending on how we perceive it and what action and responsibility we take for our own lives. It comes back to us as individuals on how we wish to lead our lives. No reader can control and tell us how to lead it.

Therefore, maximize a reading by being open minded, question where you feel you need to and do some self-search as well along with it. If you are ready for a reading, you may wish to contact me as now I am offering a new set of readings that may help you in many aspects of your life.

With much love and light,


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