Vedic Astrology is a very vast spiritual science that can cover many parts of our lives. It can actually reveal the journey of one’s soul. In that respect, when a client gets a reading, the important expectation they have besides a reading are the remedies for their situation.

Interestingly, remedies are a very big area in Vedic Astrology but let us look at why and how this area is so important. It is like instincts that most of know that in life that there will be good and bad, we are not perfect and for that we need remedies to make better a situation. In certain cases, a cure is also needed by a client who may be in dire straits.

Fundamentals of astrology I think possibly need to be looked at. An astrological chart is a map of one’s soul’s journey in this life. We are born to experience and learn lessons. Most of the time, the lessons are always linked to past lives issues or actions that will fructify its results in this life. So the energies are fair. They give according to what we have sown. It can manifest as what we call as bad situations, bad times or even unfortunate times. In charts, we may mention things of afflictions or afflicted planets producing undesirable results. Are there real afflictions? The hard news is that there are no afflictions in the chart. It is perfect made plan by the Universe for us to learn lessons and gain wisdom.

For ease of understanding, these so called afflictions are basically due to actions we may have taken in this or previous lives due to ignorance and the consequences of it has to be experienced. It sounds so fatalistic right? Not really, if we shift our perception. Ignorance is usually due to our recognition of our ego being real or bigger than our own soul. Feeling that we are separated individuals amplify the ego concept. With the ego, we carry out actions that contradict our true nature and that energy we put out will reflect back to us to let us know if we are on the right path or path that needs to be corrected. When we lose our vision that whatever we do affects others around us in terms of people, animals and environment and be blind to our nature and our connections to each other, then the energies feedback to us to let us know. If we learn from it and heal it, the so called affliction goes off and we gain wisdom of ourselves. When we understand this, then we can also put into perspective the workings of remedies.

The real remedy is when we truly understand what we have done and genuinely heal it, and then the affliction goes. That is the best and only remedy but of course we cannot remember the past. So how do we do this? Many spend thousands of dollars on remedies such as mantras, pujas, rudrakshas, gemstones and even pilgrimages. Those are all good if one has the funds for it. So if we do not, is it all doom and gloom? No, the Universe made a very simple and powerful remedy which is free. It is called Service. Service to the unfortunate, downtrodden and those who need our help. Usually, these afflictions in our chart points to our actions done towards others in the past which may be hurtful. Understanding that and serving those in need constantly will break our ego and we feel the interconnectedness to all things. Positive feelings such as love and compassion which is the nature of our soul shines forth. That remedies whatever we have done breaking all negativity within. The planetary energies which we consider afflicted frees it. When the ego breaks, the hold of energies of ignorance breaks.

By helping others, not only there is an inner transformation, the Universe also finds the way to help us as we are shining light on our own ignorance allowing more abundance to flow in. Service here is meant as not one we do to get paid but to put our own time, money and heart into it. Helping someone is free and brings beautiful abundance but real service which is of value in my view is when we do it without the intention of having any returns.

Each of those planets have significations as well to which part of society, animal and environment that we serve to will remediate the planetary afflictions. Example, for an afflicted Saturn, serving the elderly may improve the energy of Saturn. It can be as simple as that. I always like the quote “Hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.” We may recite mantras, do pujas, wear rudrakshas, gemstones etc but if we do not understand the nature of what we are doing the remedy for or change our behavior, the issue will keep returning and more remedies will be needed.

I have also indulged in remedies that were costly and time consuming and to an extent, it did work but not as much as if I understood where these planetary energies were coming from and serve others likewise. This is the very reason why in my readings, I do not recommend too much as remedies as mantras, pujas etc but bringing to awareness of my client what has caused a certain situation to occur and what behavioral changes can help remedy it. Being an empath I am able to connect planets to my client’s life purpose and relationships. For me, service is a universal remedy to all the energies of the planets. The planets are not energies to cause us problems but is within us to bring to our consciousness the light of wisdom.

So to me “Service to Man is Service to God”.

Let me be of service to you and in doing so, let me share some good news of a workshop I shall be collaborating with another wonderful and compassionate reader and healer, Ashoka on Sunday, 22nd April 2018. If you wish to know more of it, do contact me. Would love to meet you and share some soul insights with you.

With much love and light,


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