In my practice, over time, the one dominant trait that has been coming up in my readings are issues related to ancestors and parents which for some has been the major bulk of my clients lessons in life.

Incidentally, in Vedic Astrology, ancestral debts or to some extreme also labeled as ancestral curse is a big topic. Also it is a big money maker to getting expensive prayers or pujas done. So I have decided to break it down and put it into perspective based on my experience in readings for my clients and information gathered.

In the traditional sense, it is believed that either we are born in the same line of our family to repay a debt meaning in a previous live we could have been our own great grandfather etc. or that our own ancestors had incurred some karmic debt due to their own actions. So what happens is that when we are born now, we carry those debts. Does not sound so fair right? Agreed. However, if we take it in the sense that we are also born from a previous life in the same family line, it is only fair then but how do we know that we are born in the same family line? In some cases, we can see it in the birth chart. If we are not born previously in the same family line, it means that our own karmic lessons to be learnt are in line with our ancestor’s debts. They never cursed us but that they have to face the consequence of their actions in the afterlife. So we do not pray to them but we pray for them which are why in some religions, ancestral homage or worship is important.

I do believe that in carrying out our actions, there certainly can be times when we make undesirable actions which are why there are consequences to face. We can do anything we want in life as long as we are willing to be responsible and take the consequences. These consequences no doubt can affect others especially in families. However, I do not feel that it is a curse or even a debt. We are born in the same soul family for a purpose of learning to evolve. At soul level, there is no mother, father, siblings or even relatives. If we are born in the line carrying a debt of an ancestor, it is also something that our soul had planned as well as a karmic balance and reason. The Universe is perfect. It gives what we also deserve by our own deeds. The family in life in my view is like support group of souls helping each other to evolve.

Mentioning all of that, ancestral debts are equal to energetic blockage or karma. Which means it can affect many areas of life such as health, career, money, education and mental sanity. You name it depending on the debt; it can affect a lot of things. Astrologically we can see it from the house of ancestors which is the 9th house. Any planetary configurations where interaction between Sun and/or Moon is with Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and in some cases Mars and Venus also shows the type of ancestral lessons. So it sounds like a curse right? No, to get higher in life or even spiritually, one has to go through tests as well as clearing of past baggage before anything new can come in. So these blockages are meant for us to give attention to clearing or learning the lessons.

We may or may not realize that we always tell each other or even describe ourselves in terms of behavior, traits and even health issues as I follow my father, my mother, my grandmother or even my grandfather. No doubt using genetics through the parents DNA we inherit certain physical characteristics but now even scientists are finding that our traits and behavior may also come in that way. This is of energy passing and expressing through matter.

In my readings, with my clients, I always see issues of anger, resentment, depression, anxiety or behaviors that block abundance in coming to my clients’ lives. When further looked at, we can observe that depression runs through the family from the grandparents. Certain anger and reactions in life were the same as their own grandparents. When we explore the reasons, the origins go up to their ancestral line. So sometimes, my own clients have no logical explanation of their reactions and habits except that their grandparents were the same. So do we put all the blame on our ancestors? No, for us to experience all these is also what we had also personally inherited through our own karmas as well.  But do you know what is the good thing? It is when the lessons are learnt or healed; the wisdom that is attained as well as the inner strength is usually tremendous. Rather than it being a debt or a curse, it is a blessing and a gift. In some cases, it causes a block in what we feel is good for us but leading us to a happier, fulfilled and purposeful life. Something more than what we bargained for.

I was one person who thought he knew what was to be his life but at a time of crossroads where ancestral issues from my side raised its head, I had to stop re-look and find my purpose in life. At the end it was linked to my mother’s side who were all natural healers.

There are some who inherit the trait of aggression and it comes to good use in their lives in certain competitive issues. It is appropriate in some areas while using that aggression in other ways may actually cause trouble. It is a matter of how we can use it to our good.

When we state to ourselves that these are debts or curses, we usually lose our power of self. There are many astrologers that mention on curses or debts causing their clients to have a sense of trepidation, hopelessness and desperation. It is a perception issue. If we look at it as a point of ancestral lessons or gifts, we empower ourselves to be able to face and go through it and resolve it from a place of courage even if it may take a lot out of us.

There are many remedies but the best I know is awareness and consciously changing our habits and thinking. Of course for some, more may be needed. From Vedic Astrological perspective, we analyse the birth chart, see what are the planetary bodies involved and we work with the client to pacify the energies of the planets through various ways comfortable to the client. Luckily nowadays, there are many ways to heal ancestral issues in the way we can resonate. It can be through conventional and traditional methods or even with newer unconventional methods. There is hypnosis, intuitive systems etc. At the end, the idea is to heal and move on to live your best life.

As much as there are these lessons, there are also blessings. One is the blessings we get when we heal and learn the lessons. The other is that through the charts of my clients, I have seen good blessing from their ancestors in certain traits and even some of them being healers or even channelers for that matter. It never always means that it is negative.

On a bigger picture, though a family unit may seem separate from the world but is not. It is part of a bigger and larger family. When we act on something that impacts others in a negative manner, there are lessons to learn from there as we are all interconnected with one another regardless of family units. To embrace one and all as family is the bigger lesson behind ancestral issues.

If you are interested in knowing your ancestral lessons and gifts, do contact me for a reading.

With much love and light,


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