The new moon and full moon have always been a source of energy wonder to mankind from ancient times. Usually, I do not write anything much on new moons and full moons as I feel it is a routine phenomenon. However, this time I am writing on the coming Full Moon which will happen on June 27th or June 28th 2018 depending on which country and time zone you may be in. Reason is that this full moon is not only transformative and intense, it is a prelude to bigger and intensive energies coming with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on July 13th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th and another Solar Eclipse around August 11th this year. The energies are correlated and they portend massive changes around the world.

Kindly note that this analysis is based on Sidereal Chart System which may differ from the Western Astrological System using Tropical System. To know the difference and validity, kindly read article titled “Vedic Astrology – Sidereal Chart Reading”.

The current Full Moon occurs in the Star Asterism or Nakshatra, Mula based in the sign of Sagittarius the natural 9th House, ruled by Jupiter. In the same star now, Retrograde Saturn is transiting the same. So the moon will be closely conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. In the opposite sign of Sagittarius and by the 7th aspect of Saturn is Gemini. The ruler of Gemini being Mercury is currently transiting Cancer conjunct Rahu and Venus. The Sun currently transits Gemini and is being opposed by Retrograde Saturn. In just this axis alone with full moon occurring in, has many intense energies working. First, let us know briefly about Mula Nakshatra.

In Sagittarius, there is a nakshatra called Mula which is from 0 degrees to 13 degrees of the sign. It is ruled by the planet Ketu (South Node) and the deity ruling it is called Nirriti. She is known as the Goddess of Destruction and Dissolution. It means dissolution and destruction of our material illusion. It means getting to the roots of whom and what we are. It is getting in touch with our soul and why we are here.

With Retrograde Saturn and the Full moon in Mula Nakshatra, Sagittarius, it means some wholeness or even fructification of certain ideals and beliefs that we are holding has undergone some transformation. It has gone through some transformation based on reality checks in life. However, we must not forget that this actually opposes the Sun in transit in Gemini. So what does it mean?

The meaning can come as in social issues as well as on the dimension of personal as well. On a social scale, we may see more riots or even opposition of the people against authority figures meaning corrupt governments and leaders. The Sun represented by Authority figures and leaders coming under the aspect of Retrograde Saturn actually tells of the masses reviewing authority and government policies and have come to realization of the falsities of the policies and start to go against. So in this period, one may see leaders, authority figures where dishonest may be in trouble. With Mars retrograde conjunction Ketu in Capricorn, it can add fuel to the fire where the people get so fed up, without thinking, anger is shown and instead of good coming out of the situation, more negativity comes out. This is not good for anyone.

Using the Gemini energy, masses indulging in creative as well as in a calm and cool headed manner should express their dissatisfaction which ideally would prove to benefit all in concerned. The Sun in Gemini opposed by Retrograde Saturn and the Full Moon may pull many in a multi directional way that gets no one anywhere. At least, transformation of ideals will take place now but will continue for the next few months with the upcoming eclipses fueling it further.

On a personal level, this may see a sense of ego struggle as Sun represents not only our Soul but the ego complex when it is not beneficial. Saturn represents our state of humility, discipline and sense of realism. When Saturn opposes the Sun, it represents our ego getting crushed or depressed by events such as conflicts with authority figures or events that challenge our ego. With Saturn retrograde, it is more of an internal struggle that takes place. With Retrograde Saturn conjunct the Full Moon in Mula Nakshatra in Sagittarius, our personal ideals, inspiration and teachings we abide by are being questioned. It can be heart wrenching at times. However, what this means to do is to transform our current personal beliefs as well as ideals into something more sacred and ideal for us not personally but for the higher good of all.

With Retrograde Mars and Ketu conjunct in Capricorn as well as the rule of Gemini being Mercury in Cancer conjunct Rahu, our emotions may even amplify further causing us to lash out at others due to our own issues of anger or resentments within us. We have to note that lashing out anger is a lower energy of Mars. The higher energy is to go within and see the source of our anger, face it, heal it and transform it. Then march on. That is the best use of Martian energy.  That being said, it is good when faced with such anger, instead of lashing out, try to keep a cool head, move away and go within to note the root source of our anger. In addition, Rahu causes unknown or even false fears as well as cause us to perceive situations which are illusory. So we may over react or even react to something that is not there. Such perceptions may come from our subconscious. So we need to heal that.

If we need to speak out against injustice, think first, use communication that is creative to voice out our views. That would be a more constructive way of doing it without having impulsive anger reactions. Honor your views and feelings but express it constructively from a place of humility and not ego. We have to remember that we are all going through this in our own ways.

This full moon will indeed spark of our minds to be stressed, depressive and restless resulting in actions out of frustration but just note that we are transforming. The Universe’s energy has now called us to transform but it will take time even with the upcoming eclipses with Mars retrograde and other transits coming in two years BUT it is not all gloom. What results from that will be transformed values we have for the higher of all of us.

With much love and light,


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