It is eclipse season again! Great! To those who know the significance of eclipses may understand what it means. It is a season of reset, sudden change and transformation. As it is difficult for humans to change, this can be a period where it is not viewed in a positive way but eclipses bring much change to our lives always for the better. It is how we respond or perceive that makes it negative.

Kindly note that this analysis is based on Sidereal Chart System which may differ from the Western Astrological System using Tropical System. To know the difference and validity, kindly read article titled “Vedic Astrology – Sidereal Chart Reading”.

The current New Moon Partial Solar eclipse on July 12th or 13th depending on which part of the world you live in, happens in the sign of Gemini in the star asterism or nakshatra of Punarvasu. This means Sun and Moon is in Gemini. The Sun in Punarvasu shall be eclipsed by Rahu who is actually placed in the sign of Cancer which is in the next sign with a distance which makes this interesting. To add to it, the ruler of Gemini which is Mercury is currently in Cancer and the ruler of Cancer which is the Moon is in Gemini. Jupiter which has just come direct from its retrograde movement in Libra is now direct and is aspecting Gemini and the New Moon Partial Solar eclipse with its 9th aspect. Saturn who is currently retrograde in Sagittarius also is casting its 7th aspect on Gemini where the New Moon Partial Solar eclipse is happening. It is noteworthy to see how much planetary energy is playing into this. Let us also not forget that Retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu is placed in Capricorn and it’s casting its 7th aspect on Cancer.

Before we go into the analysis to make sense of all the placements, let us know more about Punarvasu Nakshatra. This nakshatra has two words, punar meaning “repetition”, “repeat”, or “again” and vasu meaning a “ray of light”, “gem” or a “jewel”. The ruling deity is the mother goddess Aditi who tends the ground on which healthy seeds can eventually bear fruit. Her power is the ability to gain wealth or substance. She is the Earth goddess who grants all abundance and gives birth to all gods. It is interesting to note that this nakshatra lies between 20 degrees of Gemini which is a creative, intellectual, playful as well as communicative sign and 3 degrees 20minutes of Cancer, a sign of the heart, home, maternal instincts and emotions.

By the breakdown we see above, we can see that the eclipse connects the signs of Gemini and Cancer which is the connection of the Intellect, Mind and the Heart. Punarvasu is the bridging nakshatra in this. It is a positive eclipse in the sense that it is setting seeds to seeing the light again. Meaning that there can arise a sudden spark of creativity or inspiration that arises in our intellect. However, having the spark, we need to be mindful of being impulsive in acting on it due to the Mars Ketu conjunction. So we need to connect back to our hearts for validation and clarity on the way forward. However, it is not as straight forward as Mercury ruler of Gemini which is our intellect and communicative abilities is in Cancer the sign of emotions and heart and is near Rahu. This means that there might be confusion as we try to figure out our emotional responses to what we experience on the outside. So we may not be able to communicate clearly and be misunderstood or we cannot relate our emotions to what we are experiencing or thinking on an intellectual level.

The reason for all this is that the Universe is trying to ask to connect our soul to the heart and to the intellect for proper manifestation in the physical world. So any ideas that we get or suddenly we realize that certain perceptions that we held hard has to change, we find it too confusing to change due to ego issues which is posed by the Sun. Saturn in the opposite of the eclipse is asking us to get grounded and real with our minds and communications. We need to be truthful and authentic to ourselves while Jupiter’s aspect cast wisdom that when we act authentically from our intellect connected to the heart, gives not only wisdom but setting of seeds for good things to come.

So this eclipse in a nutshell is asking us to be authentic and responsible in our communications and intellect. Any ideas that spark needs to be grounded connected to our inner self and manifested in a practical manner that is for higher good. Intellect is there as a tool to manifest ideas in the physical world but needs direction from the soul which resides in our heart. So this eclipse brings good abundance should we choose to act from a place of calm inner reflection with steady and grounded actions for the future. Do not make sudden decisions now itself. It may take time as Mercury is shrouded in illusions and emotions with the addition of its retrograde in few weeks’ time. But it is not impossible for us to connect to our hearts and be authentic with our thoughts, feelings and communicative skills. Be true to what we say or write.

On a mundane level, since it is a Solar eclipse, generally, one may feel one’s vitality may be lowered for a few days before and following the eclipse. Some with immune issues, may get flu or sorts of that. Some may have respiratory issues as well. Get enough rest, sleep and always drink lots of water and do not do more than you can. There may trouble for leaders who do not act with authenticity or act in a way contradictory to what they say and set policies. So there can be changes in leaderships or even some may pass off as well.

Communications on the whole may be foggy between people. There may be misunderstandings where one person is trying to get the other to understand them but the other party is also doing the same. Finally, it ends in needless arguments. There is a disconnect between heart and head. So being clear with intentions of our speech is important as Mercury is not comfortable in figuring out emotions in an intellectual manner as he is in Cancer and will be there till September 2018. So this confusion may be there for a while.

All in all, this is a very positive eclipse as long as we do not get too emotional and act impulsively. It is important to manifest in life what our heart’s desire is but now we are asked to do it in a grounded and responsible manner. In doing so, we do not just set seeds of abundance for ourselves but also affect many others in our lives positively as we are all connected.

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