It is time again for another eclipse and this time it is a biggy. We just came out of a partial New Moon Solar eclipse and now will need to deal with a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which promises to be transformational and bringing us more wisdom.

Kindly note that this analysis is based on Sidereal Chart System which may differ from the Western Astrological System using Tropical System. To know the difference and validity, kindly read article titled “Vedic Astrology – Sidereal Chart Reading”.

Significance of Full Moon Eclipse in Shravana

 The Total Full Moon Lunar eclipse this time shall be on July 27th or 28th depending on which part of the world you are in. Nevertheless, it promises to be a long eclipse with more impact globally.  This time the eclipse shall fall in the Nakshatra or asterism of Shravana which is in the sign of Capricorn.  Shravana is derived from the Sanskrit verb sru which means “to hear” and is symbolized by the ear. It reflects the ability to hear the subtle etheric realms. It represents communication of knowledge that help us transcend the material world. It is about listening to the divine voice within. Interestingly, the last eclipse was about communication and now is about listening which is an essential part of communication. When we listen more and talk less, we learn more and clarify more. We understand more as well. However, let us see how the other planetary alignments are in terms of this eclipse.

As the eclipse takes place in Capricorn, we will have Mars Retrograde conjunct Ketu there as well which adds to the spice. Mars Retrograde conjunct Ketu usually represents impulsiveness and rashness without proper understanding. Mars in Capricorn is normally exalted with Saturn ruling Capricorn; Saturn brings structure and discipline to Mars’ aggressive and sometimes impulsive nature bringing much action for the good. However, Ketu is the headless snake which means, it can be impulsive, cutting and do things without much direction. When both Mars Retrograde and Ketu conjunct here, it can be quite impulsive, temperamental, and fanatical as well as explosive. Now in this eclipse, the Moon will be full here with Mars Retrograde conjunct Ketu and in Shravana. It may mean that we judge, get emotional, react and lose our control without listening to others for clarity. It also occurs in a manner where we will possibly be stubbornly defending our views and our sense of right or wrong without due consideration of other views. It may appear as where people start arguments or bringing others down with the perspective that their own sense of right and wrong is right! This is also where accidents and even violence may occur if one is not careful.

Opposite to the sign of Capricorn where the eclipse is happening is the sign of Cancer. In that sign, we shall see Rahu conjunct Mercury which is Retrograde as well as conjunct the Sun there. It is interesting as Cancer is about mother, home, our inner peace, emotions and mental state. The ruler of Cancer which is moon is full in the opposite sign of Capricorn with Ketu and Mars Retrograde. The moon is already affected in such intense conjunctions. In Cancer, where Rahu is, Rahu distorts our vision, thoughts and emotions creating a situation where it is illusory and based on the ego inflating our volatile emotions and thoughts. On the top of it, the Sun which represents our ego is also there inflating ego issues further. Mercury Retrograde in that mix causes misunderstandings even further in terms of our intellect and communications. We may find it hard to get clarity of situations due to the mix of Rahu conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Further, this Mercury retrograde may cause us to indulge in more gossiping or even hearing gossiping. We may even believe it causing our ego, emotions and thoughts to be explosive. But for what? Actually nothing as we choose to see and believe the issues on the external which may actually be false and get affected by it totally. In addition, there may be sudden revelations of a situation we have been in and in knowing that, it may transform our perspective and how we view the situation.

The skies at this eclipse calls us to try to be more level headed connecting our soul, heart and the intellect to discern the Truth of the situations which may be far less than what we see and realize we lost our tempers for nothing. Shravana is about listening. Listening is one of the primary factors in good communication which is to understand others and see from where they come from rather than sticking to our own held beliefs which may arise from our own ego self.

Significance of Guru Purnima

This particular full moon is also known as Guru Purnima a Hindu Spiritual Festival where they pay homage to Gurus. The day came about as Vyasa Purnima originally as he completed codifying the Vedas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and other scriptures passing the wisdom of Truth to the people. Over time, it came to be popularly known as Guru Purnima where one pays homage to their Gurus. Gurus as we know may mean as “Teacher”. Guru is one who dispels darkness and shows one the way to the Divine. Guru guides us to self – realization of our soul. One who is light, embodies wisdom and practices what he or she preaches is a Guru. The True Guru lies within us which are our Soul. This eclipse now calls us to connect to the Guru within us and listen to the wisdom of the Divine.

Those Affected

Those who are Capricorn Ascendants, Moon in Capricorn, planets in Capricorn or even undergoing planetary periods related to Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Sun, Saturn or periods of planets in Capricorn will have some transformation in their lives. Also, if you are born with Moon in Shravana, this will be a transformational time for you.

What to do?

So what to do during this eclipse? Simple grounding and being in isolation for a while may help. What do I mean? Being in isolation to go within and listen to the voice of our soul is where we shall benefit from this eclipse fully. Listening to music, songs or anything that brings good energy to the soul would be beneficial during this eclipse. Indulging in prayer also shall bring many benefits. Of course, if you cannot do so, then be aware of any volatile situation that may arise in front of you and do your best to not react without listening. Listen, clarify and approach the situation from a grounded position would make good use of the Capricornian energy. You may move away from the situation, connect within as well for good direction. Listening to the heart and what it says can help resolve many a situation we fall in.

Global Impact

Globally, there may be increased tempers that may arise causing more fights and also leaders may take off their positions suddenly or in some where it may be violent as well. There is a lack of understanding on policies put out by leaders which will need to be duly revised. There may be sudden revelations which were kept hidden previously. It may bring about transformational issues from the masses.  Markets and businesses this period may be more volatile than before due to Mercury Retrograde as well. There is a sense of justice prevailing this period though it manifest in ways that can be strange. Some leaders or even celebrities may come to pass.

There may be more land shift movements such as earthquakes and storms which is the reflection of the energies of the hour. Due to Retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu, there can be heat issues such as heat waves. Health wise, more may become emotional and mentally volatile which increases stress levels affecting immunity, blood pressure, heart issues as well as digestive issues. Meditation, taking walks in the park and listening to energy nutritious music can help. Also to help with moon energies, keep hydrated at all times.

If we react and come from a place of ego, this eclipse can be very intense but if we come from a place of understanding, listening for clarity and connecting within, we actually inherit a sense of wisdom that can be not only transformative but also very enlightening.

With much love and light,


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