2018 was a very eventful year astrologically as well as in the world and our own lives. Many of us, if we look back, will notice the change in ourselves especially with regards to our beliefs and outlook to life.

No doubt 2019 will also be as eventful if not more; it will be transformative as well as liberating. There shall be a number of major transits and conjunctions that will take place which will most definitely bring us to another level in our lives.

These transits do not just affect us in a major way. It works with our planetary periods that is also operating and also on our natal planets as per our personal birth chart. To know accurately how these transits work for you, you may need to get a personal soul path reading, where I shall analyze the above mentioned transits with respect to your natal birth chart planetary placements as well as your planetary periods to help you recognize your soul lessons in 2019. I shall study your birth chart – planetary periods including sub periods, major transits, impactful transits as well as relevant sub charts and give you a detailed written report for any one of the following areas or all of the areas which is up to you.


  1. Career/Business
  2. Health
  3. General Relationships
  4. Home and Family
  5. Abundance

2019 Soul Path Reading for any one of the area above: SGD35/-

2019 Soul Path Reading for all areas: SGD 165/-

Choose 2 areas and above: Overall discount of SGD 10/-

To book a reading, fill up the Contact Form or whatsapp/SMS me at 94778242.