Soul Lessons of the 12 Moon Signs

Rahu and Ketu, two planetary bodies that remain mysterious and an enigma through time. They are known as the nodes of the moons or shadows of the moon. The moon is the main repository of our karmas through our tendencies, emotions and mental state. Rahu represents current karma and Ketu past karma, these two shadows the moon bring energies of our tendencies based on the past and we acting out in the present based on our tendencies. One that is responsible for sudden changes through eclipses, their transits and periods. On 23rd March 2019, we shall see these two bodies change signs. They currently transit Cancer-Capricorn. Come March, Rahu shall move to Gemini and Ketu to Sagittarius and stay there for another one and a half years. This shall bring major energy change for one and all as these two bodies impact our karmic lessons.

Rahu in Gemini

Ruling planets of signs gets activated when any planets transit into them. Likewise, when Rahu moves in Gemini, Mercury gets activated and also the sign of Virgo as Mercury rules both these signs. At the time of this transit Mercury shall be retrograde as well. In significance, Gemini is the natural third zodiac which governs intellect, communications, efforts, ambitions, courage and siblings. Which means these areas in general shall get activated. As Mercury shall be retrograde during the transition change, it means reflection and inner review of our sense of communications, intellect and our ambitions. Gemini is also a sign which is Kama or desires to be fulfilled. With Rahu there, it can bring a magnification of our desires or it can veil us in illusion with regards to our communications, intellect and ambitions. This period shall possibly see people more aggressive with their communications or being too eager to the point of being blunt. This may result in conflicts. Our thoughts may also run here and there. Interestingly, on a good side, it brings creative ideas and technology further being enhanced in terms of communications. It is important to reflect when we are being too ambitious, speaking too much or thinking too much for our own good. As with Rahu, excess leads to loss. We need to reflect on what is needed and real and not get carried away.

Ketu in Sagittarius

Ketu shall move into the opposite sign of Sagittarius which is the natural ninth sign signifying higher philosophies, religion, beliefs, law, foreign travels and teachers in our lives. Sagittarius also being ruled by Jupiter, Jupiter shall be activated as well as the other sign Jupiter rules is Pisces. In this sign, another heavy weight planet, Saturn is also currently transiting. These two planets shall start to conjunct from March with very close conjunction between May and July this year. This shall bring significant results and changes. As Ketu is about past karmas, spiritual and liberating body and Saturn is karmic dispenser, limitations, reality, focus, humility and diligence, when these two combine together, there shall be major transformation. As Sagittarius rules higher philosophy, wisdom, religion and beliefs, during these conjunctions, we shall be in the process of facing certain hard truths of ourselves, our beliefs, our conduct and we will need to let go to liberate ourselves. What we have to restart at this time shall be new but good for us in the long run. Jupiter in Scorpio validates as it signifies going deep and facing the deep truth of ourselves and issues.

Saturn-Ketu Conjunction 2019

Major play comes in June 2019 when Saturn Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius meets Rahu conjunct Mars in Gemini. This the period when major changes happen. As Saturn transits the nakshatra of Purvaashada, it is the star of “invincibility” which means that whatever situation or certain crisis we face, we can slowly build that back up again as Saturn gives us the patience and endurance to do so. It also signifies our determination to live by our values and authenticity. We shall see more people being sure of their values and not allowing themselves to be victims.

In this period, Gemini a sign of desire and Sagittarius a sign of Dharma or Right conduct shall be polarized. If we do not reflect on the issues of Rahu in Gemini and go in excess of how we communicate, think and be ambitious with the point of no ethics, then Saturn Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius shall create the energies for us to realize what we are doing and we shall be compelled to change. This may result in many leaders in organizations or countries falling due to misconduct and revelations of their misconduct as Sagittarius also rules organized religions and to some extent authority figures as well. That saying, it is a very positive change. If we live in our authenticity, we shall find the time very enlightening and undergoing further growth. For others, it means a new set of beliefs but one that is of our higher good.

Those Impacted

It is always important to reflect within the desires we have. Rahu brings it in order for us to learn what is permanent and what is not permanent.

With all that have been written, note that these above changes described can be modified based on your own birth chart with the natal placement of planets as well as where the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces is. Furthermore, the strength of your natal placements of Saturn, Ketu, Rahu and Jupiter plays a part as well as all these shall be activated.

Those whose age is 18, 36, 54, 72 and 90 shall undergo significant changes in their lives with this transit in lieu of their roles and purpose.

General Readings for Moon Signs

Vedic Astrology is about shining light on one’s soul journey.  I shall now cover general lessons that this transit shall bring based on your sidereal moon chart. This means making your moon sign the first house and reading accordingly. Rahu and Ketu are the moon’s nodes and shadow. So its impact is more on the moon. Note that these are only general readings. Your natal chart may modify the results. You will need to get a personal reading to know exactly how it applies to you. In addition, this is according to sidereal chart and not the western tropical system.

Aries Moon Sign

Rahu shall be in the 3rd house of Gemini and Ketu in the 9th House of Sagittarius. This shall bring about your ambitions and courage to make big initiatives in life and you may be more communicative but blunt at times. You may also need to help your siblings this period. You may have a change of beliefs and detach more from religion as you may feel that you have been short changed in following spiritual teachers. However, this period is good for pilgrimages and you shall find your resonance in religious teachings.

The soul lesson here is that as you proceed onto your ambitions; do not forget the right ethics and duty as every action has a reaction. So the soul lesson is to proceed with your ambition with righteous actions.

Taurus Moon Sign

Rahu shall be in your 2nd house of Gemini and Ketu in 8th House of Sagittarius. You may face high expenditure and possibly high intense activities within the family. There may be some conflicts and you may pay a lot of attention in trying to earn more for home needs. You may also feel more of the need to earn for comforts as well. You may feel that your own resources are lacking which may not be true. Others may also not offer as much help. You may feel your sense of values change or being compromised and shall change suddenly due to circumstances. Also, this period can be good for scientific work and publishing scientific. Research and analytical work shall see much progress. It is important to keep check on expenditure. Need to take care of health.

The soul lesson here is to keep to your authentic self-worth but respecting others with their values without you undervaluing yourself. Here also speaks about your self-worth and what is the relation to how you view money in your life. What is enough for you?

Gemini Moon Sign

Rahu shall conjunct your moon as it will be in the 1st house. Ketu shall be in the 7th house of Sagittarius. This shall be truly a very creative period with some intuition. You may experience high intensity actions daily due to your active intellect. Also, it may create a self-centered person as well needing the highlight on you. You may feel some frustration if you do not receive the accolades you feel you deserve. You also feel some vitality drop where good nutrition can solve the problem. You may wish to be alone more. Some misunderstandings with others may occur. Relationships may come under review and some will be cut off. You may find who your real friends are during this period. You may feel some anxiety.

The soul lesson here is to be grounded and realize your accomplishments are for the betterment of others. The intention or purpose in what you do needs to be for the higher good. Surround yourself with others that are for your higher good.

Cancer Moon Sign

Rahu shall be in the 12th house of Gemini and Ketu in the 6th House of Sagittarius. This period is positive for spiritual pursuits such as meditation, yoga and even contributing to humanitarian organizations. You may also go long distance for spiritual pursuits. However, you may face gossips from others which may be hidden as well as high expenditure. Important not to indulge in much alcohol and refrain from gambling as it can lead to losses in long term. You may face some change in perspective with regards to opposition, rivals and experience a transformation in your health.

The soul lesson here is to keep focus on your goals despite the gossips around you while keeping to the ethical standards at all times. Always maintain integrity and not indulge in vices as a form of escapism. Very spiritual period.

Leo Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit in the 11th House of Gemini and Ketu in 5th House of Sagittarius. There shall be an expansion of interactive ideas with large organizations, humanitarian issues and large social network. You may be interested in socializing to gain more contacts with a view to possibly get something or profit out of it especially if you are in a business or wish to start one. You may some transformation in terms of your children; passion in life as well as you may feel something in yourself not being satisfied.

The soul lesson here is to review and reflect what makes you passionate in life. How are your children in your eyes if you have children? Your beliefs of what you are and to be will face transformation. You are not what your friends view you. It’s time to find out your true purpose in life.

Virgo Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit in the 10th House of Gemini and Ketu in the 4th House of Sagittarius. You shall very much be enthusiastic in developing your career with a view to being a leader of your field. You shall have the executive and analytical abilities in your work but be mindful to be on the right path or else the fall is almost certain. In being active in your career and public life, you may neglect your home and mother. There may be some issues arising in the home and career that transforms your view of what brings you happiness.

The soul lesson here is what brings you inner happiness? Is it being at the top of your career and being a leader or reflecting to note what career and home means to you. Remember to stay ethical in your journey to the top.

Libra Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit the 9th House of Gemini and Ketu in the 3rd House of Sagittarius. One may go overseas during this period in lieu of religion, beliefs, higher wisdom and philosophy. One may want to find a spiritual teacher for guidance in life. However, this period may also lead you to false teachers as well. You may have the desire to obtain higher spiritual knowledge. In finding higher spiritual knowledge, you may neglect your own sense of self effort and ambition in life. You may also be more assured of what you speak but may be more candied for your own good. Your siblings may need your help this period as well.

The soul lesson here is to reflect who the real spiritual teacher in your life is. You may need to reflect the meaning of self-effort and spiritual knowledge surrender. How are these two linked? That is your reflection.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit the 8th House of Gemini and Ketu in the 2nd House of Sagittarius. With Rahu transiting the 8th house, this becomes very significant. You may face sudden incidents happening and health issues as your subconscious gets activated. You may feel anxious which can lead to accidents. You may face sudden expenditure as well. This is however one of the best periods for subconscious and energetic healings as one shall be able to go deep. Those in the sciences and psychology shall do very well. Those who are into energetic or occult work shall have their intuitions raise a notch making them do very well. Family may however be facing a transformation of sorts as how you earn may affect the dynamics. You may have to face some truths there.  How you earn money during the period and what you believe in terms of earning wealth shall change significantly. It is important to be thrifty during this period.

The soul lesson here is to heal your sense of self-worth in relation to others. What is your relationship between your values and resources and abundance? How are the people in your life related to your sense of abundance?

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Rahu shall be in your 7th House of Gemini and Ketu in your 1st House of Sagittarius. This is indeed a potent transit. You shall be very moody during this transit. You may not want to speak out too much and keep your cards near your heart. So others may not be able to read you. However, when you speak you may feel misunderstood by others as the tendency for you to be blunt during this period is there. You may feel you think differently but intuition shall be high. This is good for scientific analysis. So I agree with you if you wish to speak when needed. Marriage is on the cards as well if your personal chart allows it. You may wish to indulge in pursuing relationships but may find disappointments as they may not be true to you. You please those in order to gain something but you find more disappointments.

The soul lesson here is truly for self-reflection. Reflection of your beliefs in life. You may face major personal transformation especially from March to December 2019. The relationships you indulge in will be a sense of escapism from you reflecting within for a change. Trust me, the change will be good but you need to face it.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Rahu shall be in your 6th House of Gemini and Ketu in your 12th House of Sagittarius. Health needs to be looked after. That being said, it shall be a very spiritual period for you. You shall be able to overcome any opposition or rivals especially in the workplace and if you are careful with expenditure, you can amass good amounts of wealth. However, to avoid more rivals, be mindful of what you say and keep humble. You may be concentrating on work and daily routine. You may take control of your life but it would be good to do a lot of charity work for the downtrodden as that will help to negate much karma that you may have accrued. You may also travel for spiritual retreats and your sense of spiritual values shall definitely change this period.

The soul lesson here is that in taking control of your own life, you may need to understand that there are many factors not in your control. Having faith and surrender while taking responsibility of your life a key lesson here.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit the 5th House of Gemini and Ketu in 11th House of Sagittarius. This transit shall bring much creativity and passion in your life. Your intuition may heighten. You may proceed to indulge and find your talent and passion and show it to the world. You feel that you need to keep to your authentic creativity even if it means you may be alone in it. Good for you! In doing so, you may find that there shall be many changes in your network and friendship circle. You may start selecting your company who are for your higher good. You may wish to use your talents and passion for humanitarian reasons as well. Just be mindful as you may wish to indulge in short term love affairs which, trust me, will not end well. Those interested in having children may plan for one. Your elder siblings may need your help.

Your soul lesson here is simple. Be around those who lift you up and support your authentic purpose even if it is different from others. With this your hopes, wishes and dreams may transform.

Pisces Moon Sign

Rahu shall transit the 4th House of Gemini and Ketu in 10th House of Sagittarius. Your home and sense of peace gets activated.  Your mother may need your help. You may wish and have the desire to decorate your home well, spend money to acquire more conveyances such as cars, properties etc. You may get carried away with beautiful living that you may overspend causing a problem. In addition, your career may be neglected and your career actually changes during this period to something different. Important is to keep good relationship with superiors and mind what you say. You may move away from home in terms of work.

Your soul lesson here is to see past the illusion of material pleasures and understand what gives you actual inner peace. Reflection on this aspect is important. As a spiritual sign, when wisdom is gained on what gives inner happiness, you may experience a transformation and be an example to others. This may make you a sort of spiritual leader yourself which is what Ketu in 10th house is about in this transit.

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