March 2019 is beginning to be one of the interesting months of the year as new energies are being unveiled. May be unsettling but it is sure to be the start to many changes that are in store for the year. This month, we see planetary energy movements which may be quite significant and where we shall all feel the change.

Besides the Rahu Ketu change, there are other energies also in play. An auspicious occasion  would be Mahashivarathi which happens on Monday, 4th March 2019 in the night.

Significance of Mahashivarathri

In accordance with the Indian Calendar, Mahashivarathri falls on the 13th or 14th day of the month of Falgun annually. Usually, it would be around February or March in the Gregorian calendar which is what we usually use. According to the moon, this auspicious event falls just before the occurrence of the new moon.

Astrologically, this is significant as the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind and emotions while the eyes are kindred to the Sun. While the Sun is significator of our soul, the moon is the significator of our past karmas and tendencies manifesting in this life through our mind and emotions. Shivarathri is prescribed for the fourteenth night of the dark half of the month, the night previous to the New Moon when the Moon suffers from total blackout. Therefore, the Moon and the mind which it rules over are drastically reduced every month on the fourteenth night. When that night is devoted to vigilant adoration of God, the remnant of the wayward mind is overcome and victory ensured. This particular month Shivarathri is known as the holiest as the other months which is why it is known as Mahashivarathri.

The connection to Lord Shiva is very symbolic. He rules the moon but more than that he stands for Truth, Auspiciousness and Divine Beauty. He is commonly depicted as fierce as he is a destroyer. In some ways, it can be misleading. He actually represents the energy in us which burns and destroys all false beliefs, delusions, attachments, desires and illusions. We ultimately see ourselves for who we are, the presence that we are. Lord Shiva commonly depicted in sitting posture in meditation pose symbolises to us to be total reflection and meditative state of inner search. We are one with our body, mind and soul where the soul is the Truth, Beauty and Auspiciousness.

The third eye which is associated with Lord Shiva is particularly significant to seeing the Truth of who and what we are which is why they associate fire from the third eye that burns all delusions away. When everything burns, all go to the basic which is ash. When we develop that wisdom destroying all delusions, we actually develop divine love and compassion and we start anew. This is why Lord Shiva is known as the merciful and compassionate one. So on this night through personal spiritual practices and reflection one may attain this state of liberation as the Moon representing mind and emotions are easily overcome.


Monday, 4th March starts with the moon transiting Shravana Nakshatra, it leads us to her auspicious sounds through music, chanting and even hymns. Which is why during the night, one stays up listening to hymns, or meditating  keeping our minds focused on the divine within us.

Traditionally, temples will have prayers for the shivalingas as specific hours throughout the night and devotees may also fast in observance of it. Many try to stay up the night thinking it is auspicious just to stay up but that as well may be misleading. It is the night for self-reflection through meditation and hymn signing and chanting keeping the Divine in mind. The liberation factor comes when one goes within with the eye on the Divine within us.

The moon also slowly transits Dhanishtha Nakshatra which means complete wealth. With the ability to overcome delusions, we acquire complete wealth in wisdom, knowledge and resources. This is what Mahashivarathri night brings anyone should they choose to reflect and search within.

New Moon in Satabhisha and Mercury Retrograde

The new follows  Mahashivarathri night where it will be more on 6th March 2019. The new moon in Satabhisha  starts a journey where we may feel like being secretive in nature or possibly just preferring to be in seclusion. Not meant to run away but to reflect as the energies can be felt as unsettling. On the positive side, it can bring much healing as this star asterism also means “hundred healers”. One may have the vital force and courage to overcome obstacles. On the spiritual side, the blossoming of our inner potential and leading to the opening of the kundalini may occur. If we are sincere, we can actually overcome debts, injury and disease as the positive side provides good judgement. Of course on the other hand, on the negative side, it may bring depression  and loneliness and feeling restrained or restricted.

Mercury at this point shall also go retrograde in Pisces on 5th March 2019 till 28th March 2019. Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius, where Sagittarius has Saturn in it. Rahu shall slowly be moving into Gemini ruled by Mercury itself. Mercury shall move back to Aquarius ruled by Saturn on 14th March 2019 where Saturn the ruler of Aquarius is placed in Sagittarius. This overall means possibility of much mental stress, feelings of being unsettled and possibly being more irritable. Further to it, many secrets in line with the New Moon in Satabisha may be revealed. These revelations can be of scandals, secrets as well as inner revelations of us as well. This may feel quite unsettling to many of us. In light, when Rahu and Ketu transit into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, we fall into the trap or reacting from the point of impulsiveness as well. Mercury and Jupiterian energies shall be feeling some amount of stress.

Dealing with Mercury Retrograde

With mercury retrograde, we commonly associate with not signing documents, starting new ideas, purchasing electronic as well as costly materials as we may regret it later. The reason is that during Mercury Retrograde, it means we need to reflect internally. This is the time when clarity may not be clear as our intellect and communications may be affected. When we go in to check our motivations for the projects or ambitions we have, we may find our inner motive and see if it is for our higher good.

With this particular retrograde, we may uncover many secrets which may rile our emotions and mind but be mindful, clarity is still not full. We are to look over the issues this time to reflect, research and then only execute when the retrograde is over as more clarity may be seen then.

Overall Energies

The overall energies of the month of March points to something brewing and feeling unsettled due to revelations that come out. Some may act out in haste which may prove detrimental. It is good to reflect. With revelations, it is good to reflect within us, what it means to us, what are our triggers and why we feel the way we do.  If we feel trapped or restricted, what is the courage we need to develop to express our truth constructively. What are our motives. This month is to reflect, review, plan and then respond.  

The energies are building up to where it may climax between May to July 2019. It is about reflecting on our personal values, integrity and what we must let go in order to be who e are without fear of losing anything. It shall be indeed a beautiful ride. It is only up to each one of us to decide on whether we respond from a place of personal integrity or personal delusion. So which one are you?

With much love and light, 


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