We all have now come to a new decade that begins with 2020. Not only will 2020 set new energies but it also promises to be a year truly new beginnings without the cliché. We may have all experienced much of the intensity of 2019 and some of us may still be going through it. If you are, be assured of settlement in 2020 but how good will it be shall depend on us.

As with every year, no year is truly good or bad as there shall always be good transits as well as transits which may bring challenges and life lessons. Nevertheless, it is also depends on our personal birth chart. Depending on the placement of our natal planets interacting with the transit planets and the planetary periods, it shall give results accordingly. I always say, try not to see if it is a good year or bad year but look at what lessons are brought upon us.

2020 shall not be as intense as 2019 which we had to face Saturn Ketu conjunction and the eclipses involving this conjunction. However, the final blow or hammer would be the December 26th Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius with a 6 planet conjunction that would in some way or other cause some upheaval to all of us setting the tone for 2020. This eclipse is meant for final clearance and part of setting things right that may last for 6 months after into 2020. It may be disruptive but seriously for the good if we garner our courage to face the issues and proceed from a standpoint of inner guidance.

As there shall be much transit issues in 2020, I shall cover in this article the main one and with the rest as we go along the year.

Major Transits

As we go into 2020, the first major transit would be Saturn changing sign on 24th January 2020 and this signifies major energy change in our focus, responsibilities and karmic results. Saturn would be going to Capricorn which is his own sign meaning that he shall be in good dignity as well. This is good for us. Capricorn is about getting results step by step in a practical manner taking into consideration of our limitations.

While Saturn goes into Capricorn, Jupiter shall be in Sagittarius which is in his own sign with dignity. This to me signifies that these two heavy teacher planets in their own signs show that they are intended to bring about positivity and setting matters in ways as it needs to be. Even though Jupiter shall still conjunct Ketu, it will still bring about Social Justice and some fairness and justice in our lives. This conjunction may bring a subtle change to our psyche where we may start to realise what truly needs to be let go even how difficult it may be in order to bring about positive change in our lives. In doing this, we liberate ourselves from certain karmic debts as signified by Ketu conjunct Jupiter. This may happen more in first few months of the year followed by nearly the end of the year as well.

As we start to realise and make things right in our lives, we realise that we may need to restart or build things up from the ground from scratch requiring much hard work and focus. Saturn in Capricorn provides that energy but when Jupiter enters Capricorn for a while from 29th March 2020 to 29th June 2020 and conjunct Saturn, we may have some weighty issues in our mind. We may lose our optimism, hope and possible faith as Jupiter shall be debilitated. We may even be more critical. We may be thinking more on the practical material side of life forgetting the lessons Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius had brought by changing our belief systems and setting a new direction in our beliefs. This time we feel tested and question our beliefs as Saturn brings limitations. We need to understand that though we change our beliefs and have renewed faith, Saturn is testing our mettle in a point whether we are willing to work for it. The belief may not be wrong but belief comes from our mind and experiences. Saturn asks us to bring results of our beliefs through the practical world by our ability to overcome the challenges, ensuring victory and bringing strength to our wisdom. So we should not give up. Sometimes, we may need to modify but never give up.

The abovementioned challenge may be more felt more from 29th March to 4th May 2019 as Saturn, Jupiter and Mars shall all be in Capricorn. Saturn is in good dignity, Mars shall be exalted but Jupiter debilitated which means we need to be practical, discipline and focus. The results shall show thereafter.

Jupiter in any case shall move back to Sagittarius on June 30th 2020 during its retrograde motion. It shall go direct in Sagittarius on 12th September 2020 with a final change to Capricorn on 20th November 2020. Therefore, for most part Jupiter shall be in Sagittarius with dignity supporting our initiatives with hope and faith.


2020 shall indeed be the year of Retrogrades. Besides the normal retrogrades of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, Venus and Mars shall also go retrograde in 2020.

Venus shall retrograde in its own sign of Taurus from 15th May 2020 to 25th May 2020. Between May to June 2020, we shall have Saturn, Jupiter and Venus all retrograde. We shall feel a significant shift in the energies. However, Saturn and Venus in retrograde shall be in good dignity as they would be in their own signs while Jupiter will be debilitated. This period will compel us to slow down and reevaluate our goals and plans in a major way. So patience is required.

Mars shall retrograde from 9th September to 14th November 2020 in Aries and move back into Pisces. This shall have a great impact on our ability of action and courage. We may need to consider our spiritual inclinations along side our actions to fructify some results in the physical world.

Rahu, Ketu and Eclipses

Apart from Saturn and Jupiter shall be in good dignity, another major transit shall be when Rahu and Ketu, the karmic nodes change signs on 19th September 2020 from Gemini to Taurus and from Sagittarius to Scorpio. This is generally positive as both Rahu and Ketu do well in these signs.

Rahu and Ketu here is also in good dignity to help set things right as well. Rahu in Taurus shall be grounded in producing our resources and working hard to attaining our material resources. Only thing is to be mindful of over extending on our need for luxuries and also passions.

Ketu does well in Scorpio as it shall bring intensity into our subconscious; bring out the dirt within us to liberate us from our baggage. There may be much intuitive abilities coming out in the open. We only need to be mindful of the intensity and expression of any such anger and resentment impulsively that may cause more damage to ourselves.

There shall two eclipses among the other lunar eclipses that shall conspire for major restructuring. On 21st June 2020, shall be an intense solar eclipse in Gemini in Mrigashira Nakshatra where we shall be finding our true goals and purpose in life and with that we progress and flourish.

The next Solar Eclipse is on 14th to 15th December 2020 in Scorpio but in Jeystha and is Gandanta. As it is gandanta, the intensity of karmic issues that we cannot control shall arise and what we can do is to be as patient. This is the time when jealousy and rivalry may arise causing some issues for authority figures.

On the Whole

From what is observed of the energies, the year is set to be positive based on how much of our beliefs and thinking has evolved in 2019. Not in a materialistic sense but through our spiritual selves. The year is set to right things but may be disruptive and we may need to restart. However, the planets foretell positivity through our determination, hard work and focus with faith in our renewed selves.

As Capricorn shall be highlighted a lot, it is always seen that Capricorn is on the materialistic achievements but none is further than the truth. With Capricorn, if we pursue only material, we will fall and fail but if we connect with our inner selves and acknowledge the direction from our inner self and execute in a grounded, practical way, we reach ultimate success.

Each of us will perceive and think that we are right by our experience in our lives and we may be right. However, remember that our right is not the only right, there are others. So how we may have transformed our beliefs in 2019 has to also be able for us to open our minds in acceptance of other beliefs that may not be wrong. Beliefs are not real though may be important. We need to connect those beliefs to our inner self to see how it works for the higher good of ourselves and others. We have to remember that beyond our ego consciousness is Divine Love that is who we are and what connects all of us beyond this façade.

2020 shall be the year we bring our beliefs to practicality and it shall be further tested for us to evolve. Remember, we will attain positive results but through hard work, discipline, focus and the courage to stand by ethics believing from our hearts that it comes from a place of love and compassion.

 With much love and light, 


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