Hi, I’m Anura. I am a Vedic Astrologer and a certified NLP Practitioner.

My role and life mission is to help individuals uncover their soul purpose and mission so that they have a meaningful and fulfilled life.

My passion in Astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, started 20 years ago as an urge to understand human nature.

Professionally, I used to work in the field of compliance. It was enjoyable until a moment of crisis, I felt that life suddenly threw me a curve ball which placed me at an impossible crossroads. Health issues triggered by stress and inner feelings of dissatisfaction forced me to leave a comfortable well-paying job in a multi-national company.

Not knowing what I really wanted, I had to look deep within myself to understand what would be a fulfilling path for me. I realized that though I was doing well in my professional life, I wanted something different – something more fulfilling. Up against my belief systems of complying with societal norms, I struggled internally. Anxiety, mild depression, and insomnia became my regular companions until I decided that I had enough.

I started scrutinizing my own astrological birth chart and having undergone some coaching sessions which included subconscious healing, I came face to face with my tortured belief systems. A choice had to be made, to either follow my heart and soul to lead a life fulfilled, or deny my inner voice and proceed with a life unfulfilled. I finally chose the path which I knew I was destined for.

This choice led me to a positive change. I became happy, healthier and now have a sense of self-purpose and self-worth. I now look forward to getting up each morning with an intent to have a purposeful day and know that I am in the flow of life and abundance.

As I live my soul purpose every day, I have a strong resolve to empower individuals to live a life with purpose as an Intuitive Astro-Coach. I am confident that I can help you to find that meaning and purpose you seek in your life. Doing that is my life purpose.

With much love & light,


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