Complete Soul Purpose Report (Make your appointment now)

This report would encompass your past life soul lessons, present life soul lessons, soul mission and section on the condition of your moon. In addition, this will include a report of your chart, placement of the planets and individual planet and house interpretation. At conclusion, there will be a summary of your soul purpose and advice or remedies that may help you. At all times, this report will focus on the impact on your health, career, family, abundance, spiritual growth as well as deal with any karmic issues observed.

This is a very comprehensive report will give clarity about your whole life and with a package, it can include a coaching session if you wish to clarify as well as discuss issues to help you be aware of your steps forward.

Chart Reading Only: SGD 110/- (include three questions for clarifications)

Chart Reading with emphasis on specific areas in life: Additional SGD10/- per area

Personal clarification based on report via Skype: SGD 50/- per hour

Payment Mode:

  • Inter-bank transfer
  • PayNow/PayLah

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