1. What is Astro-Coaching?

Astro coaching as what I shall be doing using your birth to determine your soul purpose. Thereafter, together with a coaching session with you, we shall determine an action plan that will be derived from you that you can take to reach your goal.


 2. Are these services open to everyone?

Definitely! This is about who YOU are. It is enough that you believe in yourself and in Universal Values such as Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love.


3. Is Vedic Astrology restricted to any religion?

No, though Vedic Astrology is commonly associated with Hinduism, it is open to ALL regardless of religion. This is a tool to map out one’s life journey. The planets have no religion. They govern all equally.


4. What makes me different from other Astro Coaches?

There can be many astro coaches out there and they are all unique. I am an Intuitive Astro Coach. By looking at your birth chart I am able to tap into your soul purpose through my intuition. What I offer is to help you to realise your soul purpose without predictions of the future. This is to ensure you are empowered to make your own choices to determine your direction in life without being stifled by readings that seem fatalistic or stifling.


5. What are the benefits that I will experience after the astro-coaching sessions?

One of the most immediate benefits you would experience is the clarity you shall have of your situation and life path. You would be able to find out your strengths and weaknesses that create blocks. You will be able to remove these self-inflicted blocks. However, results would depend on the actions you take thereafter. Remember that all resources and answers lie within you.


 6. What do I need to do to prepare for the coaching session?

Ensure that the day before, you get enough rest and do not consume alcohol prior to the session. Most importantly, you would need to be open to accept the information that will come from within you. Remember, all the answers lie within you.


7. Will there be any remedies suggested?

The remedy one mainly needs is a change in mindset, behavior and habits that will have a dramatic, positive impact on an individual. All the resources that we ever need lie within us. The coaching aspect of the consultation is to address what we find in your chart regarding your issues, and implement steps in a practical way to address them within your capacity.


8. What information do I need to provide?

For an astrological reading, you would need to provide me your birth date, time of birth and place of birth. Time of birth needs to be as precise as possible as that can affect the readings drastically.


9. Will confidentiality be maintained?

Yes. At all times your chart readings as well as coaching sessions shall always remain confidential.


 10. How long will you take to process a chart reading?

It would take me 2 days to complete as I would need to generate your personal chart and study in depth the placement of the planets and interactions, including sub-divisional charts, to derive the readings accurately and incorporate into a report for you. If I need more time in some complex cases, I shall definitely let you know.


11.  How will the consultations/coaching sessions be done?

These sessions can take place in my residential office, by skype or a place of your choice. Additional transport fee of SGD20 to SGD50 (depending on location) is applicable for coaching at your preferred venue.

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