When we are born, our soul comes with a set of lessons to learn or to fructify due to actions from previous lives. It also comes with a set of karmic plans for a purpose in the present life in order for our soul to acquire wisdom and evolve. These may come in the form of obstacles that may impact our health, abundance, career, family life and our general relationships. In addition, it may also fructify as boons, gifts as well as tremendous success that is due to us.

However, the lessons that manifest may also be a boon boosting our lives to high success in the said areas. Therefore, in this report I shall be analyzing the following areas:

  • Ancestral Issues – Blessings and Debts
  • Personal Soul Significator for Present Life Lesson
  • Your Ascendant – Life Direction

I shall also take into consideration your planetary periods, transits and chart configuration. With all of these, I shall highlight your current issues and help guide you through them to maximize your acquiring wisdom from these lessons. It will definitely have an impact on your career, health, abundance, family life and general relationships.

If you are experiencing blocks, unexplainable problems and lack of success despite your best efforts, this report may be what you need to clarify your situation. So get clarity on your situation today.

Charges: SGD 80/-

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  • PayNow/PayLah
  • PayPal (International Clients)

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