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Points to Ponder

The Only Remedy Needed

Vedic Astrology is a very vast spiritual science that can cover many parts of our lives. It can actually reveal the journey of one’s soul. In that respect, when a client gets a reading, the important expectation they have besides a reading are the remedies for their situation. Interestingly, remedies are a very big area […]

Vedic Astrology – A Sidereal Chart Readi

In this world, ancient spiritual sciences have been developed to help guide Man in his journey of life. These sciences have been developed by different cultures with similar principles to help people. It ranges from Astrology, channeling and even card readings. Whatever they may be the most important principle is clarity and guidance. Astrology is […]

Our Life Time

We have come to the end of the year yet again. Time for festivities, holidays, celebration and most commonly observed is reflection and resolution time. The end of the year signifies the end of New Years and the New Year signifies another year of New Year celebrations. Think about it! I hear so much of […]

The Success Factor

Success – a word that causes the spark of ambition, motivation, fulfillment, enjoyment but also can see as stress, pressure and expectations. Everyone one of us wishes to be successful in life in whatever we do. The mark of a successful person in society is seen nowadays as one who has money, status and luxuries. […]

The Heart, Head and Hands

In my last article, I emphasized a lot of the connection to the heart and I still am in the view that the heart rules. However, you may have known on phrases such as “Head ruling over the heart” or even “Heart rules more than the head” or even better “Get out of your head!” […]