Saturn Transit Report (Click Here to Book a Reading)

Saturn has transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius in January 2017 and shall be in this zodiac till January 2020. He shall be transiting very important stars in Sagittarius. Being a slow moving planet, the impact shall be great and long lasting. In this sign, he shall be asking us to go deep to question the practicality and usefulness of  our beliefs . This may indeed have impact in many areas of our lives including our career, health, relationships and even abundance. To know how this transit may impact you as mentioned, I can help you do a reading. It shall be based on your current planetary period, where this transit takes place, the stars affected and the impact on the rulers of these stars, it’s aspects and shall give guidance on how you may make the most of this transit. So contact me as soon as possible and book a reading with me.

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