Soul Gifts & Mission is your gift given in life with a mission to be accomplished. All of us have a passion, an obsession or a subconscious desire to accomplish something in our life. However, it may not be clarified leading to some confusion. It may also be observed as an unexplained obsession towards certain things in life; an internal development to be manifested which is karmic between your past and present life.

What you obsess has a very big lesson for your soul that needs achievement in this life. Due to this soul mission, one may have success or even failure in some areas of life. The areas affected may be career, abundance, health, family or even general relationships.

I shall analyse and give a report on your gifts, talents, mission as well as how and where these gifts and talents need to be directed to optimize your success in life. So get clarity and take advantage of your talents which may have a positive impact on your career, health, family, abundance and spiritual life.

Charges: SGD 50/-

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  • PayPal (International Clients)

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