In my journey as I had shared in previous articles, I had consulted healers and astrologers over the many years. I had come across many types especially astrologers. It is queer that though the readings and interpretations are similar but how it is expressed seem to differ. The way it is expressed always reflects the personality of the healer or the astrologer. When there is a positive reading, it can be uplifting but when it is not good, it can be depressing or even demoralizing as well.

Issues such as positive or negative readings have arisen and as you know there is a consciousness on focusing on the positive as when we do that, it expands. No disagreements from me on that.  In Vedic Astrology, we are very mindful and careful of giving out negative readings as that affects someone psychologically in turn affecting their practical life. That is definitely not the purpose of any astrological reading. So usually even for me, when I give readings my utmost respect is there as I respect the fact that one’s birth chart is a plan from the Universe on our lives. It should be respected and not trivialized. Each person is important.

Nevertheless, does it mean that all negative readings are bad? In my view, no. In my journey, though the positive ones were motivating but the negative ones were the ones that put reality right into me. It compelled me to face my demons, trauma, and issues whatever we call it. Face it squarely and then when we do that healing by changing our perspective and actions, there is a sense of renewal in life.  Whatever, the positive traits in me, arose stronger and better than before.  Why?

Well, ignoring our so called demons in us, sweeping it under the carpet and focusing on positive in hope of all the gunk in our life to go off on its own may not really work. It is just kept under the carpet at which a later time, it will show up for us to clean it out or even worse mess up our subconscious causing further issues in our lives. The reason we do not wish to face it is probably because we always want to be happy and that is the nature of our soul. However, we may not realise that the negative issues is a weight that can bring us down.

If we can change our perception to accept negative readings as well as facing our demons squarely, one thing I can assure is that we will obtain wisdom from the lessons of the issues we face. Also, there will be such lightness that our good qualities can shine even brighter than before. We will feel a sense of freedom and able to achieve what we desire.

Therefore, I do realise that the mindset of ourselves when we visit a healer or an astrologer is key. What are we looking for? What do we wish to achieve by end of the session? Positive or negative is based on our perceptions but never sweep the negative issues or demons under the carpet as there is a goldmine there. I can assure that as I have experienced it in my own life. Will share that journey in my next blog but the takeaway here is facing our own negatives will increase our own positives!

If you are interested, you may contact me for a reading. Rest assured that respect is of the highest I have for every person and their birth chart. It is the way the Universe has for me to serve you. It is an honor.

With much love and light,


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