In my last article, I emphasized a lot of the connection to the heart and I still am in the view that the heart rules. However, you may have known on phrases such as “Head ruling over the heart” or even “Heart rules more than the head” or even better “Get out of your head!” Ha Ha, I get the last one a lot. I figure that most of us would be familiar with the first and third phrase.

Interestingly, in our body, we know that every organ is important and essential. In Vedic Astrology, the preserving principle in the Universe manifests itself as the Human body ruled and governed by certain planetary energies to help us in our spiritual journey. Each body part has a divine planetary energy manifesting. This is why our body is important for upkeep. Not just look and feel great but to be used for the good of society and one’s spiritual growth.

Likewise, the heart is known as where the soul resides in. It shines it’s light into the head ruling our intellect after which our hands get activated to move in accordance. In the normal scenario, the intellect in connection with the soul in the heart will drive us to carry out our deeds in congruency with our body, mind and spirit resulting in an action congruent to our being. That is said to be living a fulfilled life. That results in no conflict and negative emotions.

However, these days, we are told to rule with the intellect controlling all other parts including the heart area which is where I feel our conflict comes from. I can share that being a sensitive all my life and realizing only the last few years, I had been ruling my heart from the head of intellect resulting in actions which are incongruent. When that happened, I had a lot of internal emotional issues leading also to anger, resentment, dissatisfaction and worst of all resulting in physical illnesses that was painful. It just went on until I had to listen to my heart as it was aching to be heard.

Being overemotional in some situations may not be the best but we cannot ignore the heart and how it feels. Crying out is not meant for only certain gender as society would deem as normal but is for both and is a function that can be healthy and healing. If not nature would have made men to have lesser tears than women but is not so.

No doubt, when we connect with the heart, it may not make sense but that is from the intellectual standpoint. The soul in the heart is in connection with the Universe. It comes from a level with interconnectedness that our physical mind can never comprehend. The one thing I realise is to have the courage to have faith in it. When we know what the heart wants, we can use the intellect to apply it in daily living in a tangible manner and carrying the action out with our hands. That congruency to me is a formula for success and happiness.

I believe in Head in the forest and hands in society. Our intellect ruled by the heart manifest in sense of groundedness with purity in thought and focus that result in our actions for society. If we put our head in the city or society, we may get confused but being in the forest in connection with our inner being leads us to actions not only pure but authentic to us as well. I can tell this as this is my daily practice. So I do get out of my head. Ha Ha!

A lot of us may have one of these traits of whether we are ruled dominantly by the heart, head or hands. It has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be seen by our birth chart.

I noticed that many of us have a moon that can be over emotional and one which is thinking too much which causes blocks to connecting to our heart. So our mind rules but it cannot fathom the ways of the Universe and so the limitations sometimes. So the disconnect from the heart and the head can cause much emotional, mental, physical as well as spiritual issues. Connecting the disconnect I realise changes ones being and life a lot.

So let us always connect with our heart coming from a space of love and congruency to our being in whatever we do. Let me help you to help yourself connect with your heart and get a reading from me.

With much love and light,


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