We have gone through two eclipses within the span of the last month which brought many changes globally as well as in some of our personal lives as well. If you had not notice, then observe carefully as the energies are transformational.

We have another new partial solar eclipse on 11th August 2018 and it has been unusual to have three eclipses so close together but these are unusual and transformative times. From the Vedic perspective eclipses usually will take place in the axis of where Rahu and Ketu are usually. No doubt that the July 12th partial solar eclipse was not exactly within this axis but it encompassed two signs where Rahu in the current sign of Cancer had eclipsed the Sun which was in Gemini at that time. The theme for the eclipse on July 12th was on Communication connecting our Mind and Heart and the eclipse on July 27th was about listening to our soul from within. Now if that work has been there, there will be major transformation in this coming eclipse.

Eclipses of the moon usually involves our mind and emotions and also our karma as that is where the seed manifests and actions arise due to mind and emotions. Eclipses of the Sun really are about the soul. It is about the soul clearing itself of outmoded energies or beliefs and arriving at a lesson to clear for other lessons to arrive. So if we did not learn the lesson or our egos create a blockage, the change brought about by eclipses can be jarring and sudden. If not it can be a smooth process. The fact that eclipses bring about a shadow, it is actually the soul bringing forth it’s dark night of the soul to be faced and healed.

Kindly note that this analysis is based on Sidereal Chart System which may differ from the Western Astrological System using Tropical System. To know the difference and validity, kindly read article titled “Vedic Astrology – Sidereal Chart Reading”.

Signification of New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Ashlesha Nakshatra

The coming New Moon Partial Solar eclipse shall take place on August 11th Ashlesha Nakshatra in the sign of Cancer. Ashlesha Nakshatra or asterism is one of the powerful asterisms. Ashlesha means “the entwinner”. It is called the “clinging star” with a desire to embrace or entangle the object upon which it is focused. It is symbolized by a coiled snake and its deity is Ahi, the serpent of wisdom. Its primary motivation is righteousness. It represents the kundalini or serpent fire that is located at the base of the spine. When activated, it can bring mystical power, electrifying energy and spiritual enlightenment. The serpent is a symbol of divine wisdom, procreation, sexuality and prosperity as well as on the dark side can bring danger, trouble, unexpected attack, mental instability, worry, fear and melancholy mind. It has the ability to mesmerize others with its hypnotic gaze. It is ruled by the planet Mercury brings the element of intelligence, deep philosophy and being very thoughtful.

As the eclipse takes place in Cancer, we will have the Sun, Rahu and Retrograde Mercury (ruler of Ashlesha Nakshatra) conjunct together in that sign. This may bring very much mind and emotional issues which can be exaggerated brought by one’s own ego consciousness and being completely confused as how to manage or even express or communicate it as mercury is retrograde in an emotional sign. Rahu causing karmic issues, subconscious issues, illusion and exaggeration eclipsing the Sun which represents our soul at the highest and ego consciousness at the lowest may cause a series of emotional and mental turbulence which may spin out of control due to lack of clarity. On the opposite end of Capricorn is Retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu which may cause one to be explosive and further impulsive. Therefore, we may notice some acting from a space of impulsive judgement. Venus now transiting Virgo which is the sign of its debilitation may not bring the energy of grace and charm but of further critical issues meaning that one may be emotional, judging and blunt in nature. Whoah! Do not look good right?

Actually what this eclipse is doing is really purging out from our subconscious issues that we have kept or let it control us due to past experiences as well as conditioning resulting from outmoded beliefs. It is actually clearing up issues for us which are a good and positive point. However, for some, they may feel it really intense as if their ascendant, sun, moon or any natal planets fall in Cancer or Capricorn, suicidal tendencies may arise due to confusion and the questioning of one’s life purpose. Violence may also arise due to ego conflicts and beliefs.

Interestingly, this eclipse actually calls us to affirmatively reflect from within our soul the issues that arise. It is our soul urge now that is asking us to connect and entwine with our purpose in life and live authentically from the soul level. When we do that the power of Ashlesha Nakshatra actually will make us mesmerizing to others causing us to be our own leaders and using the power of memorization to be an example of what is good and inspire others. If we are entwining to desires that are from ego consciousness of self-benefit, then we will trap ourselves around it and will feel the intensity of the emotions leading us to anxiety and hopelessness. This asterism can be extreme but it depends where we will our focus in life. With Ketu and Retrograde Mars opposite, when we have the courage to face our dark night of the soul, we liberate ourselves from ego consciousness to soul consciousness. In that way, we may realize ourselves and realize the interconnectedness that all are One and we are connected by Love.

Global Impact

Globally, there can be more reactions and violence based on mind and emotions. At this juncture, the media and social media play a great role. Food for us is not just the food we eat; it is the food to our senses that is important. What we see, hear, feel, touch and taste is important. Such food has an impact on our mind and emotions thus media and social media plays an important role. If we like something, we can find news on it and if we do not we can also find news on it. But what is the Truth at the end of the day? What are we really reacting to? So it is important to discern and trust our intuition and soul which will direct us. Believing others blindly or following others without validation from our own soul can lead us to regrets later. So reacting based on what we see and hear can be dangerous at times.

Also heat energy is still on due to the Retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu, meaning heatwaves, fires, and earth quakes and with the eclipse in Cancer which is a water sign, can mean floods, erratic rains and even droughts which can be possible. Nature reacts to how as a collective we are feeling. So the more anger and frustration we have and feed into the world, the more it may reflect back.

Those Affected

Those who are Cancer and Capricorn Ascendants and natal planets in Cancer. Those even undergoing planetary periods related to Rahu, Ketu and any natal planets in Cancer.  Also, if you are born with Moon in Ashlesha, this will be a transformational time for you. Eclipses can give effects one month before, one month after, six months after, a year after as well as five days before and fives after it. The impact is greater in countries where it can be seen.

What to do?

This eclipse can bring very emotional and mental issues out due to our subconscious. It may get some to go out of control. However, this eclipse is the best time to heal our subconscious with much good results. Meaning allowing the mental thoughts and emotions to arise and using the many healing techniques available, one can actually resolve it to the core but it may be overwhelming initially.

Those who believe in prayer, indulging in prayer recitation or even listening to hymns will certainly be beneficial.

For those who may feel affected, taking ice water and counting to ten will be good. I know you may need more than that. Walk in the park. You may wish to speak to a trusted person to let out your feelings or even write it out on your own as well. It can be a learning experience as you may understand where and what your soul is telling you. This is a period of emotions meaning and lack of clarity from the external, so do not act hastily or judge hastily without knowing the facts. Watching comedies can really help. Laughter is always the best medicine. Lastly, be aware it is the energy of the period, it shall pass.

Overall, this period is a very healing period and will be more so in September 2018. Mankind is now being brought to a different level of consciousness where we get in touch with our soul for our direction in life and how we live and treat others. How we are treated and wish to be treated has been the theme all these years but this lies within us only not on others. Only unconditional love heals and that is who and what we are. When we get in touch with that, our souls shall shine forth and bring in peace and harmony!

With much love and light,


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