Just wanted to share on something I come across once in a while as a Vedic Astrologer. Sometimes, my clients seek a reading due to some intense problem they are undergoing and will mention to me that their chart is bad as they have been suffering through their life. This is interesting to me.

Our birth chart is a blue print of our life showing us our life plan. Its only reason is to help the soul grow and learn its lessons in the current life. I do admit that some charts I have read can be challenging but it also serves a purpose. When a client comes to say that their chart is bad as they have been suffering their whole life, there are many ways to look at it.

Knowing One’s Soul Purpose

Most of the time, what I observe is that the person is unaware of their soul purpose, soul lessons and mission in the current life. So they lead their life against the gradient of life leading to feeling much stress. One thing that can be done is to ascertain their soul purpose, soul lessons and mission. The next thing is to then decide if any of the belief systems they hold contradict their purpose. A lot of the times, we are trying to fit in to the norms of life but the chart shows that our norms are not the same or the ones we see externally. Living authentically as per our soul purpose is key.

An example is that I come across some charts, where the person is on the purpose of a spiritual life and somewhat not on the material side of it. They find it too stressful to lead a daily life due to so called lack of abundance. The reason is that they are unaware of their purpose. Once perspective changes and the person follow their purpose, the meaning of abundance changes and inner happiness results. Following that, sufficient material abundance will come to support. Does that mean that the chart is bad? No. We just need to change our perspective and get in touch with our soul. Live our soul purpose for ourselves, not for others or to fit with others.

Soul Connection, Surrender and Good Deeds

Indeed I have come across some charts which can be quite challenging all round. Even human help such as readers and healers may not be able to help. For that it means two things, we may need to carry out more positive deeds as it may mean in previous lives they carried out deeds that was unfruitful and need to take responsibility of it now. By carrying out good deeds, they can actually balance out the karmic factors. Service and charity from the heart are one of the effective ways to do so. When we experience our pain and thereafter understand the pain of others, we experience connection and healing. The pains in our lives serve as purpose of wisdom for our soul growth.

In some cases, the chart is showing that the individual needs to have a connection to their own soul and surrender to source, God or Universe (whichever name that is used) to understand something bigger than their own ego consciousness. It does not mean inaction. It means action with no desire of results. It is difficult but when connected to Source, the change can be intense and the transformation can be phenomenal.

The Boon of Karma

Our birth chart, as mentioned previously is only a blue print and shows the karmic journey of the soul. Karma does not mean here a death sentence. It is just an energy of action and consequence. It has no good or bad, right or wrong. It is just giving us feedback on our deeds. That is how our souls grow. Results of our karma can change BUT only on the account of how we can surrender and connect with our own soul and in turn connect with Divine.

Our Birth charts have been made perfect for our current lives. We just need to understand it and be made aware of our Soul purpose, lessons and take action.  Without our own initiative and action, nothing in our lives can move or change.

With much love and light,


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