For the last one and a half years, we have been experiencing a set of eclipses within the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. The coming total full moon eclipse to take place coming 20th or 21st January 2019 (depending on which part of the world you are in) brings a culmination to these set of eclipses.

If we look back and review, we will notice a significant change with regards to emotions and feminine energies which have come out in full force. The feminine energies have come into this world that has been dominated by the masculine energies to set a balance as well as set a new direction. We have seen many women rising to leadership positions or positions of eminence and setting directions for many. Issues of women that has been long been hidden is exposed through the scandals, harassments as well as abuse to show the world the importance of feminine energies. With this, the direction has definitely changed and shifted mankind towards a more progressive outlook towards women thanks to these eclipses.

Planetary Configuration During The Total Full Moon Eclipse

Now, the culmination of the Cancer Capricorn eclipses happen in the sign of Cancer within the star of Pushya also ruled by the moon alongside the fact that Cancer is also ruled by the moon. On the opposite end being Capricorn, we shall have Sun, Ketu with Mercury just entering the sign. The conjunction of Sun and Ketu in Capricorn may bring challenges to our ego as this conjunction usually means not being recognized or given dues in order to challenge or reduce the egoistic tendencies within us. In Capricorn, the natural sign for career, leadership and slow and steady climb may affect us in not being recognized for our work or what we do. In another way, leaders may feel some stress at this point. In addition, in the sign of Scorpio, we shall have conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. Here, Venus is not the most comfortable as it gets restless and this may manifest in our relationships with others. Being in a water sign, emotions and subconscious may get triggered. With Jupiter next to it, may not help as much. It depends on our response as Jupiter may help feed wisdom into the situation as long as we are calm.

Interestingly, the Full moon eclipse in Cancer within Pushya asterism plays out in a way depending on how much we may have progress in the last one and a half years. If we get triggered easily, this eclipse may be troubling but if we have evolved, this eclipse proves to be very fruitful within ourselves. Cancer is a sign of emotions, home, mind, mother and nurturing energies. It is also a Satthvic sign meaning the energy of higher and selfless love through the purity of heart. In addition, Pushya asterism is symbolized by the udder of a cow. It means “to nourish” or “providing nourishment”. It also represents the maternal aspect of providing milk and nurturance to her children. Selfless love which is the higher expression of the moon has no links to desires. It is the result of purity of love with no expectations and desires.

Planets and Selfless Love

Mothers as we know are generally selfless and they nourish us despite our failings or even habits which are less than desirable at times. They overlook all these and give us as much love without asking anything back. If we have grown mentally and emotionally the last one and a half years, we would not be too much triggered to overreact but garner in the energies of Pushya and Cancer and able to accept others for whom they are and what they are. In the sense to do that, we need to recognize and accept ourselves first without needing that attention and recognition of others. We give ourselves and others love that is selfless and divine which is the energy of the moon. Selfless love is the love of Divinity graced upon us by recognizing that love always within us. This transcends over ego barriers leading to peace and happiness.

Whatever that we are devoted to now may fructify into a sense of emotional peace and balance. If we are still triggered by ego impulses needing recognition and attention as in Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio, then it may result in our egos being bruised as in Sun Ketu in Capricorn. The positive side would be selfless service and selfless love that may liberate us from many past life karmas as Ketu is the planet of liberation and past life karmas. It liberates us from our ego consciousness showing the light of our soul which is the Sun.

Those Affected

Depending on our own state, emotions may trigger response due to ego issues during this eclipse. It is important to move away from self-absorption towards understanding of self and others. Devotional love will yield many auspicious results.

Those who have Vedic Ascendants and moon signs of Cancer and Capricorn as well as those undergoing planetary periods of Moon, Sun, Rahu, Ketu and any planets placed in these signs shall feel these energies more.

Love of Acceptance

As it is important that we live our authentic lives, it is beneficial that we understand that everyone else is also living their authentic lives regardless of the good and bad or whether it fits into our box of beliefs. When we are open to ourselves, we may be able to understand the persuasion of others and accept others more for who they are. Then our love may shine without any expectations or desires but with the knowing that the other person is there to bring lessons to our soul.  

Therefore, understanding and manifesting pure love from the depths of our soul shall be not just the main lesson but also the evolving point of our soul growth and lessons.

With much love and light, 


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