Do we ever realize how many times in our lives, we use the word ‘suppose’. It is very interesting if we observe ourselves or even others. In my line of being a reader, many of my clients uses this phrase “I suppose to…” quite a bit as a way to express their unfulfilled expectations and disappointments in their lives.  It is something that may easily put on one on the path of anxiety and disappointments. I call it the ‘I suppose to’ syndrome as many at times it is just mismanaged expectations not aligned to their inner self.

Theory of “I suppose to” Syndrome Origins

Interestingly, I observe that this syndrome relates to an expectation stemming many a times from the ego consciousness in connection to belief systems, stimulus from media, family, people around and beliefs of a community and set of people in a country. It stems from norms in living in society. Nothing wrong with norms and norms are expected with certain degree of law to ensure some order in society. However, these norms not necessarily can apply to all and when one differs from it and the native is unable to live the norms, this is when it becomes an individual issue. We always try to fit in to get the validation of others to know what we are doing is good. This is the tricky part as it is not real and it stems from ego consciousness.

Many come to me will say “I suppose to be in this position”, “I suppose to earn this amount of money”, “I suppose to be this way at this age”. The list goes but you get the picture. Often one realize that they are unable to be who or what they think they are supposed to be but that is fine and not wrong. It just differs from the norms. They cannot accept that as well as it does not fit the norms of others. Soon, a conflict within ego and the inner self ensues. This can be very hard hitting for a few causing depression, anger and possibly anxiety.

This is the thing – who told you that you need to be this or that? Possibly from people around you who care for you and love you but they are not you. They have our welfare at heart and want us to be happy. So it is also not their fault. What is the issue is when we are not accepting ourselves, knowing it is nothing wrong being who we are as long as it is within moral means and not hurting anyone. When we express it confidently, then there will be acceptance as well as non-acceptance but most importantly, we must have the inner acceptance. Acceptance of others is not in our hands but based on their own personal beliefs but is not the ultimate truth itself.

Inner Acceptance

To have that realization and inner acceptance when we find out our Soul purpose, mission and lessons in our lives is critical. By the soul we live, by the soul we derive true inner satisfaction and happiness. There many methods now available to know one’s purpose in life. Vedic Astrology is also part of that tool to analyses one’s soul direction and purpose.

Vedic Astrology and Soul Purpose

In Vedic Astrology, there are a few things we do look at which being the few can be very fundamental and good way to determine ones purpose.

One of the ways is that we look at where the Sun is placed as that is where our Higher self is expressing to burn off the ego consciousness and illusion in our lives. We look at the moon as it is the repository of karma that is the reflection of the Sun. It highlights our emotions and minds and that tells how the person would make decisions or feel happy or sad in certain areas of life.  We also look at Rahu which shows previous lives unfinished desires now becoming a mission for the person in this life.

Rahu is interesting. It gives us the obsession to want to get something but when we do, we realize that it may not be what we really want. Rahu shows us the illusions of life – how we fall for it only to realize the inner meaning thereafter.

A very important point to look at is the planet with the highest degree in our chart. Where it is placed in terms of house and sign. This planet is known as the Atmakaraka or Soul Significator. It is like the King. It represents the soul lessons and purpose of our soul in this life. Our whole life will be surrounded by the theme of what this planet is about and the lessons it brings. In some cases, completing this lesson leads one to liberation.

With all of what has been said, the most important is determining the Ascendant and where the Ascendant lord is placed. The ascendant is the zodiacal sign and degree that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of one’s birth. The ascendant represents our human body, personality, health; constitution and one of the ways other see us. The ascendant and it’s lord and it’s placement determines our direction in life and with this where the Sun, Moon, Rahu and the Atmakaraka is placed can give a very good gauge of one’s soul purpose, lessons and what one is supposed to be and do in life.


When one is able to find out one’s soul purpose, one may feel the relief as one will realize that one lives within its soul purpose and not within Human norms. The ego consciousness is only used as a means to experience our lessons, to learn and grow. Thereafter, the ego has to dissolve to give way to the soul which is permanent. If we attach ourselves to our ego and make it king, we may lose our sense of purpose and become directionless as we become attached to the unreal. Attach to our inner self which is the light that is real and is the Sun representing our source which is reality.

With much love and light, 


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