Dear Friends,

2019 had been a blast and 2020 is generally seen to be exciting on many levels for the individual. As usual, in embarkment of the year ahead, I am offering the Soul Path readings.

This year, the report style shall be slightly different from the previous in that I shall be giving two options to which you choose.

One is to have a detailed report based on your chart, the transits and planetary period for 2020 and all the areas that shall be impacted in the year.

The second one shall be where you wish to know a specific area only such as career or finances etc. Based on your chart, the planetary period and transits, a report shall be made.

Therefore, if you are interested to book a reading, fill up the Contact Form or whatsapp/SMS me at 94778242.

Till then, have a good year ahead.

Love & Light,


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