Our ancients or sages in communion with the Universe has always offered wisdom and guided us through the times to help enrich our lives and make meaning to our lives. In the midst of what is happening presently, auspicious occasions do happen and with it brings hope to all of us.

Two days coming which is 24th March 2020 and 25th March 2020 are two very auspicious days of the Vedic Calendar this year. On 24th March 2020, we have the new moon in Pisces in the star of Uttara Bhadrapad and this new moon is auspicious as on this day it is believed the Creation came to be by Lord Brahma and with the next day being 25th March 2020 is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. It is the first day after the New Moon in Pisces meaning is the Vedic New Year to which creation came to be as informed by the Ancients. This happens on the first day after the New Moon in the month of Chaitra under the Vedic Calendar. This day is also known as Yugadi as well which a Telugu New Year is.  Therefore, the Vedic New Year starts in Pisces every year as opposed to the expectation of it being in Aries.

It is also known and said that during Sunrise on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which is the day after the new moon Pisces, the divine consciousness emanating from the sunrise when absorbed at that time lasts longer. It brings in new energies for the year which may be subtle but powerful.

With the New Moon in Pisces, energies in the world are rebooted heralding the New Year the next day. In accordance to the ancient texts such as Rig Veda, a “year” is referred to as ‘Samvatsara’.  ‘Samvatsara’ roughly means the period of one full year. It is the time in which the Planet Jupiter with his average speed crosses the journey of one sign. There are 60 samvatsara mentioned in the historic Indian calendars. These are not numbered but each has been given a name. Once all 60 samvatsaras are over, the cycle starts over again. The Samvatsara for 2020 beginning March 25th 2020 is Sharvari meaning Twilight or Sky with many stars. I shall write its significance later in this article.

New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapad, Pisces

With the situation of global crisis at hand, this new moon in Uttara Bhadrapad in Pisces is quite significant. Uttara Bhadrapad is a constellation known as Blessed Later Steps with a symbol being a hearse and is ruled Ahirdbudhnya which is known as a water dragon of the deep. This star has the peculiar habit of allowing individuals to go very deep within it’s recesses for transformation but it does not come just like that.

This star also deals with the theme of reincarnation and transformation but in a pleasant way where we have already made peace with the loss and destruction of our old situation and ready to embrace the transformation to a new state.

It fits the current situation we are in as by this time, most of us may have to accept and make peace with the fact that the status quo may need to go as it may compel us but also that each of us realize within ourselves that some things need to give and change. This new moon brings this about in a pleasant manner though the environment may not look so rosy but we are able to go deep and understand the change each of us need to make to better the worthwhileness of our lives.

As the symbol of this star is a hearse, it is expected that death in a literal as well as symbolic way may take place at an increased pace but why? Just like in a box, if it is filled with things which are no more useful, it is taking up space where we cannot put anything else which is useful in it. Likewise, what is outmoded such as beliefs, habits, behavior etc which has no more use, has to go but it will bring space for new beginnings and beginnings that bring much meaning to our lives.

Samvatsara “Sharvari”

The year of 2019 up to March 24th 2020 was known as ‘Vikari’.  Vikari brings a year of reversals which was not positive to begin with. That is why when the year of Vikari is ending, it brought about the global crisis that we experience presently.

However, the coming Vedic New Year on 25th March 2020 brings a year known as Sharvari meaning twilight or stars in the sky. This brings a new dawn meaning a silver lining that is to be built on a longer term. It brings auspiciousness of light within the energies of darkness. However, it does not come just like that. Our stars can shine only through our effort and tenacity of rebuilding ourselves.

Overall Planetary Energies of the Year of Sharvari

Based on the planetary alignment beginning the year of Sharvari, it shows a year of much hard work with perseverance and rebuilding. Rahu and Ketu’s position in Ardra, Gemini, and in Mula, Sagittarius respectively compels us as in the collective to face the consequences of our beliefs and thinking for the hundreds of years we have had allowing us to let go. It brings dissolution to an old way of life and thinking. This may not be as pleasant.

However, looking at Mars exaltation in Capricorn with Saturn, it shows that we will need to practical and work tenaciously with one pointed discipline and focus to rebuild but rebuild with structures that are new whether in economic, health or in corporate structure. It shows a lot of time taken for this as we may need to move three steps forward with two steps back. That being said, Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius shows that many of us may come to an inner consciousness to let go of beliefs that we may realise internally that is not for our own higher good and higher good of all. In that there may be a fear to restart or possibly find it difficult to pursue what we feel and know is right for us.  In any case, we shall do it requiring much one pointed focus. In this the economic scene shall change tremendously this year as we raise our consciousness.

The Sun and Moon in Pisces being a spiritual sign shall bring about some change in our inner recesses highlighting our sense of spirit. Mercury being in Aquarius may bring about the debate and conversation about the point of whatever we do besides doing it for money, more importantly it should be first to the higher good of all firstly.

The connection between spiritual and the physical world may start to come about but may take even few more years to be obviously seen and realized. However, this year is pivotal for the change to begin and in that brings twilight to the evening sky!

Love and Light,


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