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Our Life Time

We have come to the end of the year yet again. Time for festivities, holidays, celebration and most commonly observed is reflection and resolution time. The end of the year signifies the end of New Years and the New Year signifies another year of New Year celebrations. Think about it! I hear so much of […]

The Success Factor

Success – a word that causes the spark of ambition, motivation, fulfillment, enjoyment but also can see as stress, pressure and expectations. Everyone one of us wishes to be successful in life in whatever we do. The mark of a successful person in society is seen nowadays as one who has money, status and luxuries. […]

The Heart, Head and Hands

In my last article, I emphasized a lot of the connection to the heart and I still am in the view that the heart rules. However, you may have known on phrases such as “Head ruling over the heart” or even “Heart rules more than the head” or even better “Get out of your head!” […]

The Call to Action from the Heart

The Heart, a beautiful organ of the body which keeps us alive and well. It is symbolically associated with emotions of love, peace and compassion. The heart can be seen as the core of anything. Likewise the spiritual heart is where the seat of the soul is. It is where logic do not take precedence. […]

The Expression of Self

In my last article, I wrote of my experience of healing using hypnotherapy and the most important realization was of what really matters to me in life. I wish to share one aspect of me that I realise was so important for my own growth and has links to previous lives as well. So I […]

What Really Matters

In my childhood days, like any other kid, I always dreamt of being an adult where I could have some independence and be rich. Ha Ha! Being rich was the main thing. It was what I may have been exposed to in terms of media and what goes round the world. Of course, as I […]

The Form of Light

It is so interesting these days that we speak so much of light and dark, the dualities of life. In some cases, it is both one and the same and in others, these are opposites. Whichever way we perceive it; I feel it is an inherent part of our journey. The darkness which everyone refers […]

The Compassion Mask

Compassion, when we hear it and think about it, we think of gentle, understanding, ascended masters and a sense of peace. It is what is so needed in the world but there is a lot more to being just kind. A lot of us in the spiritual path would come across this. We try to […]

I Am I

Authenticity, a word that has been coming up to me for number of years especially during my healing process which still go on. It is a kind of buzzword of now. When I looked at my chart, regardless of whether I am aware of this word of authenticity, it is something that I myself have […]