Having been to many astrologers for readings in the past, Anura stands out simply because he roots for his clients and makes sincere effort to coach. Everyone has to put in the effort to work on themselves if they want to evolve. Anura outlines the steps necessary to take to overcome the obstacles and checks back with you, like a proper coach.

With genuine guidance and accurate insights from a reading, Anura is an exemplary life coach who can steer you on the right path and help to fulfill your highest potential.

Chris Cheong, Singapore


Anura is a gentle, wise and kind soul with the purity of heart to help others in the spiritual journey.

Through his passion and expertise in Vedic Astrology with reference to my date of birth and his tapping into his intuition and inner wisdom, he accurately highlights my strengths, inner resources as well as areas of improvement, in an empowering and non-intrusive way.

Significant time points (signifying change and transition) were also accurately pointed out, offering practical and precise guidance as I walk towards my divine life purpose.

Thank you for supporting me and many others like me in this journey with your love and light, Anura.

Yuanhui Chen, Education Analyst & Intuitive Art Healer


Accuracy, precision and genuine guidance basically sums up Anura’s work. When I met him at a workshop, I was at cross roads whether to leave my current job and do freelance work. His career chart not only change my course of action, it also gave me the affirmation I needed at the time. I am truly grateful to the planets which I am sure was aligned when me and Anura cross path. And most importantly thankful to Anura for doing the work he is doing to guide others.”

Jasber Kaur, Singapore


I just did my Maha Dasha( great planetary period) reading with Master Anura and it was amazing. All that Master Anura shared was so precise and accurate. He’s such a joyful, positive astrologer and a great life coach. Throughout the session he shared a lot of useful and practical advice to deal with challenging periods. After my session with him I felt so happy and confident in facing my future endeavours. Thank you Master Anura for your loving care and guidance.

I strongly recommend whoever needs a good Vedic astrology forecast and reading you should try Master Anura of Soul Healing and clear away all your doubts about your life purpose and karma journey.

Jude Ling (DHM), Singapore


I was going through a dark night of the soul during 2017. Mr Anura a God sent “angel” suddenly appeared. Mr Anura is a long lost brother who played a very important role in my spiritual journey twenty years back. What a coincidence that He is again playing an important role in my journey and this time round as a Vedic Astrologer. I am a skeptic when it comes to astrology but for some unknown reason, I was guided to get my Vedic chart done by Mr Anura.

He is the first astrologer who ever highlighted to me about the importance of planets position in my chart and the report is really intensive. He accurately highlighted on ancestral issues which was an eye opener to me. He is a soulful being who made me realize my inner calling. A very professional and compassionate being. I personally recommend a reading with Mr Anura. Thank u brother. The Reading has cleared so many unresolved issues.
Mary Prema Samuel, Singapore


Had my reading done by Anura De Silva and was completely impressed by his work.  His accuracy totally coincided with everything I was going through. His insight to what I am experiencing is commendable. His knowledge and ability to connect with me gave me confidence and I was able to put my absolute trust him. I am currently working through the advice he has given me and I must say they are extremely sound. All my best to him, he is a Professional at what he does that will go a along way.

ASDS, Melbourne, Australia


I went for a couple of healings under different healing modalities but I needed more answers. So I was introduced to Mr. Anura to review my birth chart. I hesitated at first since from my experience, I seem to get always the same answer about the planets but the not answers that clarified my doubts. By reviewing my chart with Mr. Anura, the experience was different because he help me sort the issues that I never thought. He help me by teaching and guiding me in sorting my issues. The amazing part was that I saw immediate results. I personally and highly recommend a reading with Mr. Anura.

Ngs, Malaysia


It was great pleasure to have a Vedic Astrological reading by Anura .

He was spot on with the predictions and there were many personality traits about myself that he pointed out accurately Now with this awareness , I am able guide myself positively thru life and its endeavours .

Thankful to have met  Anura , God Bless and Namaste.

– Angela Flame, Medical Intuitive System & Trinfinity 8 Healer


I was pleasantly surprised by how accurate and effective the session was. To be honest, I was quite sceptical before coming for the session. I didn’t have faith in astrology or a lot of other beliefs for that matter. But, I still went for the session with an open mind because of the respect I had for Mr.Anura and to find out more from an expert in the field. The readings about my life were astonishingly accurate, being able to tell my character, the things I enjoy doing, my relationships and other aspects of my life which me made wonder how this is possible and is there something more to astrology that I am not understanding. It was interesting to find out about how the different planets rule different aspects of our lives. But what I found most useful in the session was the life coaching along with soul purpose. I was very unsure of what to do in life and feeling very lost thinking of whether I had made the right choice for my undergraduate course. The session gave the confidence to boldly embark on the path I have chosen in life. I was able to look within myself, question myself and discover more about myself. Well, then as Mr. Anura says, the answers always lie within!

– Prem Manoharan, Student, Singapore


Anura’s astrological reading of my chart was both insightful and precise. I was impressed with certain things he pointed out about my life that no other reading has ever revealed to me. It has deepened my respect for Vedic Astrology. I think what’s unique about his report is that he delves beyond the correlations of planets, signs and houses to decipher one’s soul purpose, which I find important for my life mission. He also suggests remedies as to how best to ride over my natal difficulties. Anura himself is a devoted man to his art and his spirituality, and one would certainly benefit from his advice and his person. My heartiest wishes to your practice, Anura.

Ashoka, Spiritual Practitioner, Singapore


Mr. Anura De Silva’s Vedic Astrology reading for me was surprisingly accurate. His assessment of my life situations was to the point and helpful in preparing for the next phase in my life. I would definitely recommend a reading with him just to find out how best to optimize your own innate skills.

– SJ, Singapore

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